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Discovering Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Vassae Oil

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Dimitrios Mavroeidis is a chemist with years of experience in the food and wine sector who has decided to invest in the so-called “green gold”, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Son of a generous land and with a centuries-old history also in the olive sector, such as Greece, Dimitrios is the owner of Vassae Oil, a company that, since its launch, received positive evaluations, both for its quality and its design. At the 2020 International Olive Oil Competition, Vassae olive oil have been granted a Golden Quality Award, for its Quality and a Platinum and Silver Award in the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards for its Packaging and Quality.

High quality raw material, cold extraction, elegant packaging, are just some of the keys that make special an EVOO, as Vassae. This is how Dimitrios tells his EVOO.


Vassae Olive oil

How and when did you decide to convert your chemistry experience to create your brand?

I have been working closely for several years with wine and olive producers, performing chemical analyses in my lab on their products, consulting them on how to apply the best practices, in order to improve the final result. Having acquired knowledge over the years, I decided that the time has come to put my skills in good use and create a product that represents a rural mountainous region, often undermined, as simply a deserted corner of Greece. Being the only person from my family to have returned to my homeland after studies and work in big cities, I feel it is my duty to maintain the tradition of cultivating our family’s olive grove.


Where does the name Vassae come from?

Vassae (Βάσσαι in ancient greek) means little valley in the rocks. It is named after the archaeological site of the ancient Temple of Epicurious Apollo that is close to our olive grove. It is a truly astonishing monument, landmark of our region which connects us with our past. The name signifies our history, the mountainous scenery of the olive groves, the steep and rocky terrain, all the elements that contribute to the olive oil’s special taste.

In which area of Greece are your olive groves located and what is the characteristic of this geographical area?

The area is ancient Figalia, located in the south-western part of Peloponnese, close to ancient Olympia. What characterises this land is the altitude, the fresh crystal clear waters from natural springs, rivers and waterfalls, the frequent low temperatures, the rocky mountains, the extraordinary vegetation as well as the distance from big cities. All of these elements play such an important role to the unique character of our product.


What cultivars do you grow?

The cultivars are several resilient greek varieties that have survived the harsh conditions over the years.

Koroneiki: small in size,  medium to robust taste. The most common variety in the Peloponnese and the dominant one in Vassae Multivarietal. Although the Koroneiko tree needs minimal care and can withstand low temperatures, it is what gives one of the best qualities of olive oil.

Manaki: This cultivar also matures slowly and can withstand high altitudes. The sweetness that distinguishes it, its rich taste and its mild texture, give an exceptional aroma also during its culinary use.

Kalamata: This variety is the most famous table olive in the world. The tree of Kalamon has the ability to withstand all climatic temperatures giving excellent fruits.

Olympia: A local cultivar characterised by its rather complex bitter and pungent taste. In comparison to other greek varieties, the oil produced by Olympia contains a higher percentage of “oleocanthal”.


Why is Vassae oil special?

What makes Vassae oil special is the care and “soul” that we put in every production step. Taste testing in every stage and discussing with olive oil sommeliers, we achieve a well-balanced and complex taste that will not go unnoticed. From the attention of the grove, the harvest and milling practices all  the way to the beautiful packaging, Vassae olive oils has been made with a lot of devotion from its producers.

Vassae olive oil


Ypsilantou  15
27131 Pyrgos Greece

Email us: info@vassae.com



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