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Discovering Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Marmaro EVOO

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Dimitrios Garofallos  is the owner of “Marmaro” olive oil, an award-winning Greek EVOO, born from the passion and professionalism of those who take care of every detail from production to packaging.

Before appreciating the tasting of the two types of “Marmaro” EVOO, Early Harvest Olive oil and Premium Extra virgin olive oil, the consumer is certainly fascinated by the elegance of the bottle which is an important business card.

Cold extraction, sustainability and respect for the environment give an oil with a low acidity and rich in polyphenols.

“Marmaro” olive oil is bottled in four different packages: A 500 ml bottle, painted with white paint, a golden screen printing, a transparent 200 ml bottle with white screen, printing placed inside a cardboard box shaped like marble; two cans of 500 and 250 ml respectively that are also shaped like marble.

Why is marble so present in the packages of this company? Let’s find out about this and the characteristics of this prized EVOO in the words of its founder.


PH: Marmaro Oil

When and how was your company born?

My father is a farmer and he had olives. I have studied agriculture in Thessaloniki and, in 2017, I returned to my place of origin, the Polygyros of Halkidiki. I started working with my father’s olives, but another idea was running through my mind. So I rented 30 acres of  fields and decided to start my own production. In November 2017, I traveled to the USA and there  I saw the response of Greek olive oil, but also the incredible prices at which it was sold. So, I decided to start my new project. I collaborated with my first cousin, Thomas Tsiotrelis, who had studied marketing and advertising, in order to give an identity to olive oil. In 2018, The Marmaro olive oil was founded.

PH: Marmaro Oil

Where does the name “Marmaro” come from?

When we were thinking about what name to give to the olive oil, the names of the areas where our olive groves are located came to our mind. One of them was MARMARO (marble in greek).  The name was auspicious, could be pronounced abroad and referred to ancient Greece.

In which area of Greece are your olive groves located and what is the characteristic of this geographical area?

The olive groves are located in Halkidiki, in Northern Greece. Halkidiki borders North – Northwest with the prefecture of Thessaloniki and east with Mount Athos, while it is bathed by the Aegean Sea in the other directions. It includes geographically the Halkidiki peninsula with the characteristic shape of three peninsulas ( feet of Halkidiki).  Includes incomparable vegetation, huge golden beaches with sand, but also rocky places dug from the Aegean Sea.

PH: Marmaro Oil

What cultivars do you grow?

We grow the Greek olives of Halkidiki’s variety. Originating in the region of its same name, this beloved olive shares its birthplace with famous philosopher, Aristotle. The Halkidiki is grown and harvested on the Halkidiki Peninsula of Northern Greece, a land with a unique climate and soil characteristics. In 2012, the Halkidiki cultivar has been  registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product by the EU.

PH: Marmaro oil

 Why is Marmaro olive oil special?

It has a strong aroma and slightly bitter with a spicy aftertaste. It is characterized by low acidity and rich in antioxidants.

Marmaro Olive oil

By Dimitrios Garofallos

Tel: +30 698 375 3596

Email:  info@marmaroevoo.com

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