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Discovering Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil: La Masseriola

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Antonio Iannacci is the owner of “La Masseriola”, a farm located in the heart of Puglia (Apulia, Southern Italy). A company that, among other things, also produces an EVOO, “Ottantasei”, and high quality flavored EVOOs.
Passion and competence are intertwined in a work carried out in a capillary way both “in the field” and “behind the scenes”, with the no less important managerial part to be carried out.
A supply chain entirely managed by the Iannacci family, so as to allow for high quality final products, in full respect of that environmental sustainability that makes the difference.
A special Extra virgin olive oil and an equally special company, right from the name that Antonio Iannacci says:

How and when was the “La Masseriola” farm project born?
The project was born in 2014. More than a project, I would call it a “family vocation”. My grandfather passed on to me the passion for nature, woods and, above all, olive trees. So, I got to work, first of all to make the olive groves already cultivated in the best and most sustainable way possible, and to recover those in a state of semi-abandonment of the most inaccessible areas, and, in parallel, to give the olive juice the place it deserves, that is the central one, in the daily diet.

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Where does the name “Masseriola” come from?
Our company is housed in an old farmhouse, well restored and maintained, of which we already have traces in ancient documents of the 1600s: always called “La Masseriole” (that is, small farm), it was born centuries ago as an agricultural-pastoral settlement , and through Kings, Church and local nobles, it has come into our hands.

In which area of ​​Puglia is your company located and what is the characteristic of this geographical area, such as to make the olives and extra virgin olive oil you produce special?
Our farm is located in the varied and characteristic territory of Rignano Garganico: our village, which is by far the smallest of the Gargano Promontory, stands on the top of a hill from which you can enjoy a boundless view of the Tavoliere. Rignano is nicknamed the “Balcony of Apulia”. On clear days, the view goes from the Gulf of Manfredonia to the Land of Bari, Mount Vulture and the Dauno Apennines, up to the peaks of the Maiella in Abruzzo.

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Which cultivar do you grow on the farm?
“Ottantasei” is a blend of traditional cultivars (Ogliarola Garganica, Coratina and Leccino), dosed over the years, with wisdom and patience in order to obtain a decidedly tantalizing sensory profile. Each variety, in fact, has sensory qualities given by the aromatic substances typical of the variety itself. Our Extra Virgin, however, is not only a fusion of different cultivars but also of different pedoclimatic areas, thus resulting in an EVO oil of peculiar and rare workmanship and origins. The company, in fact, owns three olive groves located between the Gargano Promontory and the Piana del Tavoliere: the first, called “Chiusaredd”, in a hilly area at a height of about 200 meters above sea level, and a second, in the foothills area of about 50 meters above sea level, called “P’cc’ridd”, both with excellent exposure to the South-West; the last, called “Puter”, is located on the plain. If, to these peculiarities, we add a scrupulous management of cultivation, olive harvesting, oil extraction in the mill, product conservation and bottling, always safeguarding the environment, the extraordinary nature of our oil will be evident. Extra Virgin Olive. Our production is limited, the company’s choice is to work in quality, while maintaining the typicality and original characteristics of our olive trees.

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Why are “Ottantasei” and its flavored Ages special?
The flavored oils, in addition to having the peculiarities of our EVOO, also have another very important feature that we would like to underline: the supply chain is entirely taken care of by us, from the selection and production of the aroma, to the drying, to the infusion , 100% natural and handcrafted. For rosemary we use plants that grow naturally and thrive in our olive groves.
For the garlic we use an ancient variety that has been handed down in the company for generations. Furthermore, not only the garlic clove is infused, but also the green / aerial part of the plant.
For the chili we have selected the Cayenna Scorpion, but we are also working with other varieties not yet on the market.

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La Masseriola
SP22 – Contrada Coppe del Vento
71010 Rignano G.Co (FG)
Gargano – Puglia – Italy


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