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Discovering Spanish Extra Virgin Olive oil: Suerte Alta

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Andalusia is the land of Spanish olive oil par excellence. Expanses of olive groves embellish an already enchanting landscape, enriching a land known not only for tourism but also for being the homeland of quality Extra Virgins olive oils.

When Manuel Heredia Halcón, Marquis of Prado, took over Suerte Alta in 1986, an olive grove planted by his grandparents by the Marquesses of Bedmar in 1924 he invested in a life project. By converting the company into organic farming in 1996, the sustainability works were important: from the high-tech irrigation of the olive grove to the solar panels.

Investments that have led the company to produce high quality Extra virgin varieties, now sold internationally.

Carlota Heredia de Liners, Export manager of Suerte Alta, tells the story of one of Spain’s flagship olive-growing companies.


When and how Suerte Alta was born?

The current owner, Manuel Heredia Halcón, Marqués de Prado, took over Suerte Alta as of 1986, an olive grove planted by his grandparents by the Marquis of Bedmar in 1924.
In 1996, the reconversion of the farm to Ecological Farming began under the control of C.A.A.E. (Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture) and the work of transformation into irrigation of the olive grove begins.
During 2006 the new oil mill was built, located in the center of the farm next to the Cortijo, to close the production cycle on the property from the tree to the bottle and to produce an exclusive Extra Virgin oil in accordance with its four characteristics of: own production; organic extra virgin olive oil; Denomination of Origin Baena; SiQUEV Seal – QvExtra.

What does Suerte Alta mean?

The word “luck” means “part.” The name Suerte Alta refers to the fact that the lands are in the upper part of the area. Suerte Alta offers a view over Albendín and a large olive grove. It also has the double meaning of “good luck.”

In which area of Spain is your company located and what is the characteristic of this geographical area, such as to make the olives and extra virgin olive oil you produce special?

Suerte Alta is located in the province of Córdoba near the border with Jaén. The lands of the estate are framed in the denomination of origin of Baena, one of the oldest in Spain. 80% of the olive grove of Suerte Alta is a traditional plantation at 13×13 meters. Today, the olive grove is a centenary olive grove, a characteristic plantation of the Baena PDO.

Which cultivar do you grow on the farm?

In Suerte Alta four different varieties of olives are produced: Picual, Picudo, Hojiblanca and Pajarero.

Why is your extra virgin olive oil special?

Suerte Alta‘s extra virgin olive oil differs because it has four characteristics that make it unique:
(1) 100% of our production is organic. For us, ecology is not a fade but a fundamental value. For us, ecology is a staple by which we have been governing for 25 years since the conversion of our olive grove to organic.
(2) 100% of what we bottle is our own production. We do not buy from the street. This allows us to control the entire process from the flower to the bottle and is the way to achieve an exceptional EVOO.
(3) We belong to the oldest denomination of origin in Spain, the Denomination of Origin of Baena. We are also very proud to be able to boast of having won the gold medal 12 times and the silver medal twice in the last 14 years.
(4) Our bottles have the SIQEV seal granted by the international organization QVEXTRA! This guarantees very strict standards of extra virgin and external control at the point of sale.

Ctra. Martos, S/N

14849 Albendín (Córdoba)




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