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Written by Veronica Lavenia

Avocado is one of the oldest fruits in the world. Scientific studies trace its history back to the pre-Columbian era. Originally from Central America, avocado arrived in Europe with the Spanish conquerors who changed the Aztec name (“ahuacatl”, testicle, due to its shape) into avocado.
Delicious fruit, with a buttery consistency and generous pulp, Inca, Aztecs, Mexicans consumed it in many ways, in soups or sauces.
In recent years, thanks to scientific studies that continue to demonstrate its numerous benefits, avocado is one of the most consumed fruits in the world.

In Europe, specifically in Spain, there are those who have bet on this fruit by starting an organic and sustainable cultivation of this elixir of life for the production of avocado oil, butter and pearls. A truly unique bet of its kind that makes Fran Arrese and Josu Trebolazabala the pioneers of a project of excellence. Between the Basque Country, the headquarters of their company, and Andalusia, home to the avocado fields, Fran and Josu live a dream called Avocado.

Innovative, passionate and lifelong friends, Fran Arrese and Josu Trebolazabala, decided in 2013 to take their passion for food to the next level and created the Perseus brand. Since then, they have become specialists in the production of avocado oil and derived products that promote healthy eating, working for sustainability and promoting close collaboration with farming communities. Pioneers in the extraction of cold-pressed avocado oil in Europe, over the years, they are being recognized as a world reference in this sector.

When was Perseus Foods born?
The Perseus project began in a place with a strong entrepreneurial character in northern Spain, called the Basque Country, a region known for its unique culture and language and, of course, its famous gastronomy.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​growing avocados for oil production?

It all started while Josu was doing his doctoral thesis in the laboratory of the Azurmendi restaurant (3 * Michelin) in Bizkaia. During the last phase of his work, he was analyzing and experimenting with the organoleptic properties of different oils and how to enhance or value his characteristics, when he began to think about the idea of ​​producing a new oil.

Something that was not common and that provided a value and alternative in the market to the oils that already existed. Based on this idea, they began to report on the properties and lipid content of different vegetables and discovered that avocado is a product with multiple health benefits and a high content of healthy fat and from which the oil could be extracted by means of a cold pressing.

In what area of ​​Spain is the company located and what are the climatic and territorial characteristics that make avocado oil production special?

The entire production process is carried out entirely in Spain. The brain of the company is located in the Basque Country. From its headquarters, all decision-making, marketing, trade, etc. procedures are carried out.

The heart of the project is in its crops, from where our precious avocados, grown on the coast of Andalusia, come from. The warm climate of this region is unbeatable for growing avocados and various tropical fruits. In addition, its orography has various characteristics so peculiar that the flavor of this fruit is special compared to that which comes from other parts of the world. We often visit the fields and farmers to get the best quality avocados. We are committed to national production for the quality of the native raw material and to create a stronger and more sustainable internal economy.

After harvesting the avocados, they go to our mill in Lleida, which is located in an idyllic and peaceful place surrounded by centuries-old olive trees with a great tradition in the extraction of olive oil.

How does the production process go from field to bottling?

As we have commented previously, we visit our farmers and fields where we analyze the characteristics and quality of the avocados that we are going to collect. From there, the harvest is done manually and the avocados are transferred to the oil mill. In it, we have the latest oil extraction technology to be able to offer a product of the best quality, in addition to working with a highly qualified staff who controls each production stage: reception, processing, packaging and bottling.

The oil is produced through a cold pressing process, removing the bone and skin, only using the pulp to obtain a higher quality. Once the oil filtering process has been carried out, it is deposited in special tanks for better conservation. It is then packed and shipped to its destination. On the other hand, for the elaboration of one of our star products, which we baptize as Avobetter, different vegetable fats such as cocoa are used, which texturize the oil to create an avocado spreadable cream.

Why are your products special?
Our products are unique for several reasons:
First of all, the elaboration. All our products are made from a raw material carefully selected by hand and all production is made entirely with avocados harvested in Spain. On the other hand, the manufacture of our products is done in a traditional way.
Second, a commitment to health. All our products come from a plant origin, free of dairy and animal derivatives, 100% vegan. The oil is smooth, fruity and with an intense emerald green color that turns golden over time. In addition, we have an internationally recognized ecological certification.

Lastly, authenticity and innovation. Our avocado spreadable oil, Avobetter, does not require refrigeration and has a 2-year expiration date. It is the perfect substitute for a conventional butter or margarine. For this product we were selected at the Sial Paris fair as an innovative product.
In addition, due to our philosophy we work so that our products generate 0 waste, betting on sustainability.


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