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Discovering Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil: LA Organic

Written by Veronica Lavenia

The production of olive oil in Ronda, a charming city in Andalusia (Spain), dates back to more than two hundred years ago, thanks to a community of religious people.
Since then, the oil produced in this olive grove, LA Amarilla, has always enjoyed an excellent reputation among the locals for its high quality.
The Gómez de Baeza family, owner of LA Amarilla, decided to continue the tradition of the nuns, founding, in the 90s, LA ORGANIC, a company producing organic extra virgin olive oil.
Olives harvested by hand, with the traditional shaking method, and transported directly to the mill. The result is an olive oil with a very low acidity, free of chemical additives or fertilizer.
LA ORGANIC also carries out a task of disseminating knowledge on olive oil production through oleo tourism, known as LA EXPERIENCE with guided tours and oil tasting. The disclosure of the EVOO also continues with the opportunity to adopt or give an olive tree as a gift. A project that involves the consumer in a social, supportive and sustainable experience that enhances natural resources.
A journey of knowledge that includes guided tours of the olive groves, tasting and also the possibility of staying overnight at the farm for a total immersion in unspoiled nature, in the heart of the Mediterranean.

When and how was LA Organic?
La ORGANIC was born in the 90s on the La Amarilla farm in Ronda, Malaga.
With the concern and intention of spreading the culture of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, La Organic was one of the first oils that opted for organic farming in Spain.
Phillipe Starck, a friend of the family, and very aware of organic farming, offered to design the packaging for marketing and that’s how our adventure began.

In what area of ​​Spain is the farm located and what is the characteristic of this geographical area to make olive production special?
The farm is located in Ronda, Malaga where the tradition of olive cultivation dates back to Roman times.
It is located at an altitude of 800mts with abundant rains in winter and hot and dry summers that make these oils have a special character.

The oil mill is really special in the architecture. Can you tell us about this project?
This project was born out of the constant concern of our house, in spreading the culture of olive oil.
Based on our experience in the world of wine, through the Project of the architect Frank Gehry in the Marqués de Riscal wineries (“sister” family business of La Organic), it was decided to replicate the model but in the world of oil and through the famous designer Phillipe Starck.
In this way we are going to build the first Author Museum-Oil Mill in the world. With a spectacular design we want to promote through this Project the culture, values ​​and benefits of Ecological EVOO. Est alamzara will house spaces not only for the production and packaging of oil but also for culture with a part of the museum with traveling exhibitions, another space dedicated to gastronomy where traditional cuisine with seasonal products and space for holding events will be offered. both social and professional.

What are the cultivars on your farm?
We work with many varieties: Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca, Manzanilla, Picudo, Picual, Oliana.

Why is your oil special?
Many factors are involved in our oils to make them special.
The daily care of our olive trees, the early harvesting of the fruit and pressed in less than an hour. Organic farming on our farms where sheep grazing helps us to work with the natural vegetation cover and compost. The packaging and design of nuyeyrso products, since nowadays products not only have to be good, but also look good.



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