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Tenute dei Colli

Written by Veronica Lavenia

The EVOO stories tell of territories, of families who, in those places, work the land with passion, knowledge, tenacity. The EVOOs born from this real act of love narrate knowledge, flavors, special aromas.

Monica and Dario, owners of the Tenute dei Colli farm, write their story every day, their pact for a sustainable life. A challenge that offers products of excellent quality such as a certified extra virgin olive oil, the result of a cultivation in respect of nature. The olive groves of the Estate are surrounded by the luxuriant and uncontaminated landscape of the Maiella Park, guaranteeing a cultivation path and, therefore, qualitative, rigorous and selective.

Tenute dei Colli Extra virgin olive oil is not, therefore, “just” a juice of olives but the narration of an experience of life and love that finds its widest expression in the land in search of a beauty that gives, by the way, taste and health in its broadest form.


The Maiella National Park, located between the provinces of L’Aquila, Pescara and Chieti, is one of the three National Parks of Abruzzo and, since 2021, belongs to the UNESCO World Geo-parks. A real natural jewel, which revolves around the Majella Massif to which it owes its name.

Natural reserves and one of the richest flora in Italy, the park is also rich in historical and archaeological finds that trace its existence back to the Paleolithic (about 800,000 years ago). At that time, the mountain and its resources were a source of supply by members of the Homo Erectus species.

Subsequent historical periods confirm that the Park was a vital point of reference for local populations or travelers, some of whom settled there permanently as evidenced, for example, by the presence of the so-called Tholos huts, in dry stone, settlement typical of shepherds, or the testimonies of monastic centers scattered throughout the territory, as well as hermitages carved into the rocks of the mountain. Artistic testimonies are present in the churches of the ancient villages of the Park. A natural oasis, which today, even with the help of specialized guides and guided tours of various types to discover a nature that dominates unchallenged.


Dario and Monica are the heirs of a centuries-old tradition that sees the luxuriant family land as a means, first of all, of sustenance.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the land of the Company was used for olive growing and viticulture. The wine produced was mainly intended for family use.

The cultivation of cereals was mainly intended for animal feed, while vegetables were also grown for sale in the area.

Today, Dario and Monica have chosen to dedicate themselves to the maintenance of the ancient olive groves to enhance the production of extra virgin olive oil.

The key to a quality extra virgin olive oil, especially if it comes from a family business, consists in controlling the owners of all the processing stages they personally follow: from pruning to harvesting, from grinding to consumption.

A work carried out taking into account that, today, tradition, without the use of modern technologies, would not give quality results. Respecting the territory and quality, the company has increased the quantity of olive trees, building super-intensive olive groves with the highest technology and the latest generation.

With cutting-edge tools, which enhance the quality of the product, safeguarding the health of the olive trees, Dario and Monica continue the dream of their ancestors, a dream born in what was once a small farm in which the whole family gathered for the olive harvest. A celebration that, the stories handed down, narrate to be animated by folk songs and endless lunches to share one of the most beautiful moments of the year: the olive harvest.


In a context, so extraordinarily rich in landscape and family history, Tenute dei Colli extra virgin olive oil is the result of a successful bet.

Extra virgin olive oil obtained from the best known Italian cultivars, such as Leccino and Frantoio but also local varieties such as Gentile di Chieti, Leccio del Corno and Intosso. Extra virgin olive oil of certified quality, from olive groves that guarantee “Colline Teatine” varieties of protected origin.

EVOO from Integrated Agriculture, proposed in the SENSORIALE and ARMONICO varieties.

©Tenute dei colli

The excellence of both proposals is the result of an area rich in history and natural resources; of a production that follows the most rigid production parameters; quality which has priority over quantity; of skilled workers and advanced technologies.

“SENSORIALE” Extra virgin olive oil has an intense green color with important bitter and spicy notes.

“ARMONICO” Extra virgin olive oil is versatile but with a strong personality, with a hint of bitterness and a spicy aftertaste.

Both are ideal as part of a healthy and balanced diet, rich in all the substances that make EVO a wellness food par excellence.

© Tenute dei Colli


Via Colle Spedale snc – 66016

Guardiagrele (Chieti)




About the author

Veronica Lavenia

Her scientific papers have been published in some of the most renowned international literary academic journals.
Italian based writer and magazine contributor.
Author of six books, some of her works have appeared in the most popular International Food magazines.
Food Connoisseur.
EVOO Communicator. Founder of the EVOO Column at "The Wolf Post".
Writer| Translator| Communication Manager at "The Wolf Post", since the birth of the magazine.

She has always lived in the countryside. She has learned to "get her hands dirty", working and reaping the benefits of the fields, since she was a child. She participated in grape harvests, olive picking and assisted in the subsequent stages of production.
Food & Wine tourism were the family holidays that educated her on the subject.

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