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Strawberry soft cakes

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Yes, to season fruit because:

  1. It provides essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers and has a low environmental impact compared to foods of animal origin;
  2. Scientific studies have revealed that the nutritional value of freshly picked fruit and vegetables is higher. Consuming local and seasonal fruit means benefiting from these nutritional values to the fullest;
  3. The cost of seasonal products is not high;
  4. Summer fruits and vegetables, for example, will not taste the same if eaten in winter. This is due to the low temperatures that reduce those chemicals that give the taste to tomatoes;
  5. Growing products out of season involves the use of greenhouses. The operation of greenhouses requires heating and energy with high costs for the environment. Greenhouses are rich in humidity. Humidity leads to the proliferation of bacteria, which are fought with pesticides and fertilizer.

These cakes, made in season, are a delicious proposal. The jam filling is the winning detail. Gluten and dairy free, naturally sweetened with jam, they are a healthy dessert for everyone.

Strawberry soft cakes: Ingredients

Makes 10–12

100 g (3½ oz) cornstarch (cornflour), sifted

100 g (3½ oz) brown rice flour, sifted

15 g (½ oz) organic baking powder

1 large egg

4 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil  

50 ml (2 fl oz) organic oat drink, at room temperature

250 g (9 oz) strawberry jam

© Veronica Lavenia- The Wolf Post

Strawberry soft cakes: Method

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F).
  2. Mix together the flours and baking powder.
  3. Beat the egg with a fork and add the rest of the liquid ingredients (oat milk, EVOO and jam). Combine the dry ingredients with liquid mixture and mix quickly.
  4. Pour the dough into cups, and add two heaped teaspoons of jam for each of the cakes and bake for 15 minutes.

© Veronica Lavenia- The Wolf Post

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