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Trentino Wine and Flavors Route

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Among the various proposals of Italian Food and wine tourism, Trentino (North Italy)  stands out for the generosity of its territory, rich in knowledge and flavors.

The Trentino Wine and Flavors Route offers tourists the opportunity for a cultural journey even before food and wine. Get to know Trentino, through products of excellence, such as wines and grappas, apples, fruit and vegetables, cured meats and cheeses, fish products and Garda Trentino Extra virgin olive oil, but also honey and flour means taking root in a reality known for the quality of its products and for its landscape wonders, a symbol of well-being.

In order to guarantee quality and safety to the tourist/consumer, each Trentino Wine and Flavors Route has adopted a specification, signed by all members, which establishes the minimum requirements that each category must respect.

Let’s find out more from the words of Sergio Valentini, President of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

From when your Association “Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino” was born, what goals have you achieved and what are still to be achieved?

Regulated by law 268/99 and subsequent provisions, the Wine Roads are non-profit associations that are created to manage food and wine itineraries, enhancing the territories and their excellences.

In the early 2000s, seven were built in Trentino. The first was that of Vallagarina (2003), followed by that of Lake Garda-Dolomiti Brenta (2004) and, in the following years, by that of Colline Avisiane, Faedo, Valle di Cembra; of Trento and Valsugana and, finally, of the Piana Rotaliana: five realities that, by affinity of type of production, in 2013, are brought together in a single large association – while keeping the respective Territorial Technical Committees active – with the aim of making network, increasing its role as an institutional interlocutor, and professionalising resources. On the other hand, the Apple and Flavors Road of the Valli di Non and Sole and the Cheese Road of the Dolomites, both established in 2004 and committed to enhancing the characteristic productions of their respective territories, have maintained their own specific autonomy.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

For the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route, the first goal is to develop food and wine tourism: a specific competence attributed by provincial law but which has had priority only in recent years, initially because the territorial borders did not allow to have a sufficiently attractive basin and, following unification, because it was decided to favor operational management functional to events.

Over the last few years, in this sense, the Viaggi di Gusto have been created, standard packages with respect to which the staff of the Road cuts tailor-made proposals to meet the specific needs of the tourist, with the aim of making the holiday experience even more memorable and stimulate an effective and profitable word of mouth.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

Furthermore, one of the objectives is to continue in the process of recognizing the Road as a reference body for supporting the promotion of the Trentino production world. Among the most important confirmations, in this sense, certainly includes the task of coordinating the provincial wine events entrusted to the Association by Pat.

There are also many projects on the subject of “product culture”, such as training opportunities for the same operators in the sector, which this year go in the direction of the new tourism planning, and collaborations with schools, such as the one with the Istituto Alberghiero of Levico Terme and Rovereto with which the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route, for four consecutive years, has activated the Ambassadors of the territory project, aimed precisely at helping to train chefs and dining room staff capable of enhancing the characteristics of every excellence, both in the preparation phase and in the service phase.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

Through which services/activities do you promote the dissemination of the province’s specialties, in particular wine and Extra virgin olive oil?

The Food and Wine excellences that characterize our territory are the result not only of an extraordinary environment, but also of the attention and love of those who work it, in which different production and operational typologies alternate, are told and exalted, throughout the span of the year, from numerous initiatives that the Wine and Flavors Route organizes throughout the year, such as Gemme di Gusto, a true hymn to spring where operators allow their guests to know the awakening of nature, or DiVin Ottobre, a rich calendar of events that sees all the members of the Strada as protagonists on all weekends of the month, but also all the food and wine reviews dedicated to testimonial wines that take place from March to December throughout the territory of the association (the next ones will be To all Marzemino and To all Teroldego).

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

But the world of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route can also be discovered thanks to Viaggi di Gusto, holiday proposals, which are tailor-made according to the needs of guests to ensure a truly unique and memorable experience. And, for the more “eco-friendly”, also available “Green holidays … of taste”, in which the trip is designed with travel on “green” vehicles, lunches and dinners in environmentally friendly places, low-emission menus and visits to organic wineries.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

These proposals were then accompanied by Taste Experiences, new and exciting taste experiences to be enjoyed on foot, by bike or by train. These are ‘Taste & Bike’, ‘Taste Walk’ and ‘Taste & Train’: itineraries in stages, manageable in total autonomy, which include a series of Food & Wine stops at the associates of the Road. There is no shortage of opportunities to take a dip in history or nice breaks on the farm, but also to participate in cooking and creative workshops.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

Throughout the year, visits to Food & Wine producers are also promised on weekends: walks in the vineyards, visits to the distillery, but also Extra Virgin olive oil tastings await the guests of the Strada ( and tastetrentino. it / weekend with producer).

What are the peculiarities of your territory?

The Trentino Wine and Flavors Route is an ideal route, a collection of excellent products, a world of pleasures for the palate. In this fascinating area, which passes from a Mediterranean environment to a typically alpine landscape, in addition to the tantalizing gastronomic productions, the excellences of local enology meet.

Among all the Trentodoc stands out, an extraordinary classic method, refined and majestic, the real flagship of the whole Trentino. Nosiola has been cultivated in the Valle dei Laghi since time immemorial and, with the drying, it turns into the extraordinary Vino Santo. The area is also known for the numerous companies that here, as in the whole province, distil the precious Trentino grappa. In the Piana Rotaliana the native Teroldego Rotaliano, an intense red and full of nuances, is produced, while the Val di Cembra is the land of the fragrant Müller Thurgau. Between Rovereto and Vallagarina the Marzemino stands out, a vine that gives its best here.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

From wine to food, the path is a must. Among the cheeses we remember the Spressa DOP of the Giudicarie, the Vezzena and the Nostrano del Baldo, in addition to the small productions of the malga. The cured meats refer to ancient recipes, today unique productions: Lucanica trentina, Ciuìga del Banale, Carne Salada and Carne Fumada. For those who prefer vegetables, there are organic products from Val di Gresta, broccoli from Torbole, a Slow Food presidium, or in spring asparagus from Zambana, to be seasoned with DOP Garda Trentino Extra virgin olive oil, combined with traditional flours. of Spin corn from Valsugana and local corn from Storo. Finally, there is no shortage of delicious fresh water productions, such as trout and char, and of course apples, among the most recognized symbols of our lands.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

Can you briefly describe the Route and which territories of cultural and wine tourism interest it crosses?

The Trentino Wine and Flavors Route is an association made up of over 340 members: organizations and production companies united by the common intent to enhance their land, through the discovery of the territory – between history, culture and traditions – and its products, food and wine.

Inside, therefore, producers of wine, cured meats and cheeses, but also restaurateurs driven by the desire to offer their guests characteristic menus, as well as farmhouses and those who dedicate their business to the sale of native products on the shelves of their shops.

Trento and Valsugana, Vallagarina, Piana Rotaliana, Lake Garda-Brenta Dolomites, Valle di Cembra: these are the territories of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route. Places united by enchanting landscapes dotted with realities committed to producing, proposing and enhancing Trentino food and wine excellences.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

Why choose the Trentino food and wine tourism proposed by you?

Slow and genuine tourism, which allows you to combine food and wine with nature, but also with art, traditions and history.

Our holiday offers are characterized by being “tailored” according to the needs of the guest and therefore looking for the perfect combination of his interests.

Our strength lies precisely in being able to combine various forms of tourism, but above all in bringing guests to various territories of Trentino, making them discover the olive groves of Lake Garda, but also the malghe of Val Rendena, the terraced vineyards of the Val di Cembra. and other beauties and introducing them to the true artisans of taste. In fact, we believe that contact with the producer is fundamental, since he can bring travelers to his company, telling them about his reality and how his products are born.

©Strada Vino e Sapori del Trentino

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