Eva Fridrich: How to decorate your summer table

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Whether inside the house, on a small balcony or in the garden, the summer table is the hero of the hot season.

How to decorate the table according to more or less formal occasions, taking advantage of the colors and scents of the flowers typical of the summer?

Eva Fridrich, interior and exterior decorator who works with flowers, gives us some useful tips on the subject.

Summer, time for flowers and an ode to nature. How much does a season so rich in colorful and luxuriant nature help you in your work?

Although I am always excited about the season’s change, because of the new decorating opportunities it represents, summer, of course, is my favorite. The abundance of beautiful flowers, greenery, and fruit, present inspiration where only our imagination sets the limit. Every event brings something new to the table!

Which summer flowers do you prefer for your home and, in general, in your work?

I do not discriminate when it comes to seasonal flower choices. There is a time and place for each and every one of these beautiful natural gifts. Perhaps, because I work a lot with bright colors, I often find white and pastel colors more soothing for my own home. I grow gardenias and orchids, as well as hydrangeas. Those are some of my favorites. Hand picking the freshest, still in buds blooms for cut flower arrangements are always the key. Each request or event is unique, so a customized approach is always used in my work.

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Table etiquette: how to decorate a summer table for an informal brunch with flowers or other arrangements that are easy to find even for non-experts?

The best part of summer decorating is when you look around your home or garden, you probably already have something at hand that can be used to decorate your table. I love to come up with new uses for bowls, plates, cups, empty bottles, sea shells or other summer decor. Brunches are increasingly popular for weekend gatherings and items served on the table can in themselves be a centerpiece.

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A beautiful fruit platter, a pitcher of water with frozen edible flowers, an herb pot from the patio, all can become simple, yet thoughtful embellishments for your gathering table. The flower choice must fit the occasion so it does not overwhelm the table.

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What do you recommend for those who have to set up a table on a terrace for an informal evening with friends?

The single most repeated mistake people make in decorating the dinner table is choosing an arrangement that is too large for the table, guests can’t see each other, and it gets in the way of serving dinner. Consequently, that beautiful centerpiece gets moved off the table.

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Al fresco dining calls for something more whimsical. Few individual flowers in their own vessels, votive candles or small lanterns that will not blow out in the wind, are all special touches that your guests will appreciate and will make the gathering extra special and memorable.

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In everyday life, being gratified by decorating the table where we eat our daily meals is one of the small pleasures of life that helps the mood. Any little advice on this?

Thank you for this question, as it sums up the essence of a family’s well-being. I once heard: “The family that eats together, stays together.” I understand the pressures of our daily lives and increasingly demanding schedules, but making the time for at least one family meal together is so important. When I was growing up, there was no such concept as on-the-go meals. Mealtimes were almost sacred gatherings when everyone was expected to be at the table. That’s what I was taught and try to do as much as possible still today. Fresh flowers on the table always elevate the mood. To prolong the life of cut flowers, I will redo them at least two times. They will make their way from full arrangements, to shorter stemmed ones, to floating blooms or just petals in a shallow bowl.

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What are the requests of your customers to decorate their summer table?

After many years of decorating, I am so humbled by the trust my clients place in when I am commissioned to celebrate special occasions, I am there to deliver an extraordinary, customized experience for both – culinary and floral excellence. It’s been often said that flowers are the universal language of love. It’s a privilege to speak this language fluently and bring joy to people with this beautiful gift of nature.

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