Eva Fridrich: “How to decorate your home with September colors”

Written by Veronica Lavenia

September always represents a new beginning. For many, this month means the return to school, to work and, in general, the resumption of the daily routine between duties and various commitments.

The lightness of summer, the conviviality shared in the open spaces, the days that slowly get shorter, leave room for the desire, to still enjoy the fresh air in some hours of the day, but also to return to the comforting spaces of home, above all the evening. The bright summer colors become soft and comforting shades.

Decorating the house in September, in view of an autumn/fall that leads to the most awaited period of the year, that is Christmas, with the simplest thing we have available, is an activity good for the mood, ideal to face with energy and positivity the cold season.

Eva Fridrich, former guest of the magazine, suggests how to decorate the house (exteriors and interiors) with the colors of September.

© Eva Fridrich

As a professional interior and exterior designer, how do you experience the change of season, especially from summer, so rich in possibilities and colors, to autumn? Do you find there are major difficulties to face or creativity is always the best ally?

Even though living somewhere where cold winters are not so pronounced has always been alluring, I truly enjoy living in a climate with four seasons.  Knowing that frosts and colder weather is undoubtedly on it’s way, I do not like to rush seasons and let nature lead the way. September is still a very warm month, but nights are getting cooler, which is very much welcomed after a hot summer. Gradual approach to decorating is my preference. It is a time to be as creative as one wants to be, or let the autumn/fall colors paint the picture. I like a mixture of both, in fine balance.

© Eva Fridrich

Speaking of creativity, yours always amazes our readers who read your suggestions with interest. How to start decorating the house in September, still leaving some summer legacy?

Subtle changes are my favorite when anticipating the beginning of autumn. It is harvest season and markets start filling up with pumpkins, fall bounty, fall blooming plants and flowers. There are still flowers blooming in the gardens and balcony containers. Until the first frosts, it is great to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Fall containers are popular for front entrances as well as backyard patios and terraces. As soon as the weather cools down, mums, celosias, ornamental grasses and cabbage will make their way into colorful compositions. Rich fall colors of orange, yellow, and burgundy will make their autumn splash. I often use dried natural botanicals like lotus pods to add texture and visual interest to arrangements.  For indoors, summer decor still dominates until the end of the month, with minor natural enhancements such as a fruit bowl on the counter or a more colorful arrangement of seasonal flowers. Richer colored decorative pillows and throws can add a warmer and cozier ambiance to longer evenings spent inside.

© Eva Fridrich

September, after all, is still a “sweet” month. In some hours of the day it is possible to enjoy the warm air. How to decorate an outdoor table or even a patio?

Yes, indeed. After a hot and humid summer, cooler temperatures bring comfort and pleasure to outdoor living. Seasonal flowers are always my first choice. Often it can be just a few cuttings of flowers or herbs from the garden. I get excited about fallen leaves that can be collected on a casual walk. Small potted plants, like heather will last longer than cut flowers and can be enjoyed for weeks. Sometimes a simple display of fall fruit like pears, apples, peaches or grapes can become the most attractive centerpiece.

© Eva Fridrich

 What shouldn’t be missing to make your home more comfortable at this time of the year?

Flowers, candles, and aromas of fresh, home-baked goods. There is nothing like the smell of cinnamon on a cool fall morning or the scent of simmering fruit for a home-made jam permeating your home. I love candle light year round, but now it seems especially comforting. Fresh flowers should not be just for special occasions. Celebrating seasons and blessings of every day is a gift. Happy arrival of autumn!

© Eva Fridrich

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