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Sonoma County Wine Road

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Located on the northern coast of California, Sonoma County is known for its important and ancient wine culture.

A centuries-old tradition that today hosts almost two thousand winegrowers, many of whom come from families that have always cultivated the vine.
Approximately 60,000 acres of one million acres of land consists of vineyards. Eighteen American wine-growing areas, each with its own territory and different wines.
Wine Road Sonoma County gathers the experience of winemakers and the excellence of the area to disseminate history, landscapes and products, offering visitors unique sensory experiences.
Let’s find out more from the words of Beth Costa, Executive Director of Wine Road Sonoma County

©Wine Road Sonoma County- Korbel Gardens- Sonoma

Since the Association was born, what goals has it achieved and what remains to be achieved?

We have been around for nearly 50 years ago. Then Sonoma County was a sleepy little farming community, with wine buyers just learning about our exquisite wines. Now, we have been voted the number one wine region by various travel and wine groups. Wine buyers know Wine Road Sonoma County.

Through what services/ activities do you promote the dissemination of Wine Road Sonoma County?

We have a very informative website, that we constantly update as the needs arise. We kept everyone informed during the past year about who was open, what protocals were in place etc. We even created a fun music video –“50 Ways To Get Your Wine Now”. Our podcast has listeners from around the world and our monthly newsletter keeps subscribers up to date on what our wineries are doing.

©Wine Road Sonoma County

What are the peculiarities of the territory and its wines?

Sonoma County is known for having multiple micro-climates, therefore we are able to grow 40 or more varieties successfully here. The climate and soils are quite varied from one AVA to the next. We produce Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone varieties.

Can you briefly describe the Road and the territories of cultural and wine tourism interest that it crosses?

We are a community of farmers and agriculture has led the charge here in Sonoma County for generations. With farming comes extraordinary food and culinary options, which pairs perfectly with our wine. The scenery is amazing from pastures with cows grazing, to the redwoods and hills leading right to the Pacific Ocean. The overall feeling is very comforting, it can feel like you are “home” visiting family when you are here because of the relaxed, casual atmosphere.

©Wine Road Sonoma County

Why choose the Wine Road Sonoma County?

I think our diversity is our draw for visitors. If you only like lighter white wines and want to spend some time enjoying beautiful winey gardens – we can create that itinerary. If on the other hand, you want a hearty cabernet and want to meet winemakers, or get out and get your boots dirty in the vineyard, we can also create that itinerary. We have an abundance of riches, from the diverse scenery, varied wine styles, the ocean or Redwoods. If you have one place to go, Sonoma County should be it. We have what you’re looking for.

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