A cozy Fall home: decor ideas and tips

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Loaded with promises, soups, hot herbal teas, candles that light up the short and cold days, Autumn is a sweet season, long awaited by many.

The house is colored with warm tones and definitely becomes a place to spend comfortable hours and lazy weekends.
Eva Fridrich, interior and exterior decorator, suggests how to make the home cozy with tricks within everyone’s reach!

© Eva Fridrich

Time for crunchy leaves, crisp air, apple pies, pumpkin soup. Autumn colors and scents are welcoming. Speaking of hospitality in the coldest season, the entrance to a house is the first area that should give a welcoming atmosphere. How can we make it more comfortable at this time of the year?

How very true, it’s the most colorful time of the year. Before we cross that threshold of a home, so called ‘curb appeal’ invites us to do so. It is the first thing that neighbors and visitors notice. With the holiday season fast approaching, it is even more important not to neglect the entrance to your home.

© Eva Fridrich

From festive hand-made wreaths, to decorative vessels of seasonal plants, lit lanterns and other decorations by your front door, all are personal touches that will not go unnoticed by your guests. Seasonal decor is becoming increasingly popular as uncertain times have made our stay-at-home time more special. The anticipation of the company is valued more than ever.

© Eva Fridrich

What should never be missing in the living room in Fall?

Our favorite people and our favorite things! Days are getting shorter and longer evenings at home should be spent by surrounding ourselves  with what we love. There is no one shoe that fits all when it comes to decorating, but it is a well known fact that if we create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in our homes, it will make us want to be there more. Warmer throw blankets, favorite books and magazines, a space for a cup of tea or wine to unwind in your free time, will make all the difference.

© Eva Fridrich

Pumpkins also become decorative objects for both the exteriors and the interiors of the house. A tradition of Anglo-Saxon countries but which is also gaining ground elsewhere. How to use this delicious vegetable to decorate the house in the most suitable way?

Pumpkins are an essential Fall decoration, embodying harvest season coming to an end. When I grew up in Latvia, pumpkins went straight from the garden to the basement for storage until needed for cooking. Back then food had a sole function – nutrition. Today, living in the US, pumpkins are centerstage during Autumn months and serve a dual purpose. There are pumpkins and gourds on peoples’ doorsteps, mixed in compositions of centerpieces indoors and outdoors, carved pumpkins are used as flower vases, and scents of pumpkin pies and soups permeate kitchens everywhere. I have been a fan of decorating with real fruit and veggies for a long time, not just pumpkins. Flowers aren’t always at hand, but a fruit bowl can step in as a beautiful substitute.


© Eva Fridrich  

Flowers: wonderful all year round but, perhaps, rarely used in the cold season. How to use seasonal flowers for home interiors?

For those of us who live in pronounced seasons, Fall brings to an end all the blooms that surround us in the gardens and in nature. It is bittersweet to see the growing season come to an end, but at the same time it leaves us with something to look forward to.  I have always embraced the beauty of each season and the changes it brings. Fall offers colorful leaves, beautiful grasses, preserved flowers and dried botanicals. Often unfairly described as dust collectors, I truly enjoy decorating with natural offerings brought indoors. For many of us, potted plants have to be moved inside during winter months. It brings life to any room. If you enjoy growing things, plants are the best indoor decor year around.

© Eva Fridrich 

Plaid is a must this season. It heats and furnishes. Any suggestions on this?

Thank you so much for making me step out of my comfort zone. A confession- I have never been drawn to plaid. I am not sure why. Perhaps I have always resisted doing what others do, following traditions to a tee, or living by the book. Plaid, however, is not a fad by any means. It is a widely popular pattern that delivers that cabin-country home-cottage feel. Every day I must tailor new proposals to clients’ individual likes.

© Eva Fridrich

We all get set in our old ways but it is so much fun to try something new, to step out of the box. Creativity fuels new ideas. I do own a plaid scarf that was a gift. I decided to test it as a table cover.  It worked, and I do like it! We all have our preferences, but I strongly encourage everyone to try something new. You might be surprised with the results!

© Eva Fridrich

Finally, the candles that become much more than a piece of furniture in the cold season. How to use them in the various corners of the house?

Candles are the quintessential answer to ambient lighting when we need it the most during longer evenings of the colder months. Candles on a table will transform your dining atmosphere, add romantic mood to your home, and are a nice alternative for those of us who do not have a  fireplace in our homes. Seasonally scented candles might not replace the satisfaction of  having a freshly baked apple pie for dessert, but the scent of vanilla and cinnamon will definitely infuse your home with the wonderful aromas of the season.

© Eva Fridrich

Candle light has always been the sign of life, warmth,  and comfort.  Sorry, I am not a fan of battery operated candles. When you take the time to light the real candle on your dinner table or in the lantern on your doorstep, it shows that you care. Be your authentic self. Create memories that are original, real, and inspired by love. Candles and Autumn are a match made in heaven!

© Eva Fridrich

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