Eva Fridrich: How to decorate your home for Christmas

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Christmas, the most anticipated time for many, if not all. The home becomes a magical temple, an oasis of well-being where you can take refuge to share relaxing moments with your loved ones.
Lights, more or less colored, candles and decorations, in the colors of the period, are the key to giving that extra touch to the house that becomes, now more than ever, our beauty farm.
Eva Fridrich, interior and exterior decorator tells us about her Christmas, offering some ideas about it.

©Eva Fridrich How to decorate your home for Christmas

What do you love most about Christmas?

Ironically, the best part of Christmas is what I miss the most. Living oceans apart from my family is the hardest for me during the holidays. The last time I traveled home, it  was a surprise visit, amazing memories that we will cherish forever and hope to repeat soon again. Meanwhile,  I immerse myself in my work, bringing joy to others during the holiday season. I decorate, deliver flower arrangements, cook meals from scratch, bake and deliver custom orders. It is the most gratifying experience one can wish for during the season of giving.

©Eva Fridrich How to decorate your home for Christmas

I imagine that, for your profession, Christmas is the time par excellence to bring out creativity and talent. Christmas decorations represent much more than a simple ornament. They, especially for some valuable decorations, often handed down for generations, represent family memories and have an important emotional role. Do you agree? And to what extent does this affect the choice of decorations in your work?

I totally agree. New is not always better, but everyone has to start somewhere. I often hear: “I want a Christmas tree just like that!” All the creativity in the world cannot replicate what often has been years of memories, gifts and collectibles accumulated over the span of many years. Christmas is all about cultural and family traditions, and family heirlooms. Every year, when I used to fly home or send care packages, I included some decorations. My Mom still displays all of them, including all the hand-written cards I have sent home over close to three decades. It makes me happy when people use what they already have. Often decorating is about fresh ideas, not necessarily more “stuff.” Incorporating old with new is usually my approach- helping to preserve the old while moving forward by creating new memories.

©Eva Fridrich How to decorate your home for Christmas

How do you decorate your home at Christmas?

Our home is our retreat. I love spending time at home, so decorating has always been near and dear to me. It is abundantly full of functional collectibles that I have had for many years. I have always been drawn to winter scene decor, trees and pinecones, natural branches and winter blooming plants and flowers that last well past the holiday season. Amaryllis bulbs are an absolute must during this time of the year. They are a joy to watch come to bloom, a true winter wonder. Fresh cedar garlands, evergreens, and candles all are my Christmas favorites. Home is all about our comfort zone,  rather than being picture-perfect. It should be a place where you can’t wait to return to.

©Eva Fridrich How to decorate your home for Christmas

Do you prefer a real or a fake Christmas tree? Any suggestions for simple but effective Christms tree decorations?

I have always decorated a real Christmas tree. Perhaps because of the childhood memories and nostalgia. Fake trees were not heard of when I was growing up.  I love the scent and the tradition of picking out a tree.  I must admit, every year I feel the urge of doing something drastically different, however, tradition wins! I love decorating with dried fruit, handmade garlands of cranberries and popcorn. Cutting out stars and snowflakes out of folded paper are always fun family DIY projects.

©Eva Fridrich How to decorate your home for Christmas

 How to choose the centerpiece?

Seasonal evergreens, berry branches, nuts and seasonal fruit are all welcome. Choose what speaks to you! Even store bought bouquets can be embellished with a personal touch. A little creativity goes a long way. A centerpiece doesn’t necessarily needs to include flowers at this time of the year.  Conifer branches layed across the table, pinecones, tealight candles, cinnamon sticks can all create a welcoming Christmas atmosphere. I am always inspired by the originality of those who decorate with incorporating unconventional ideas!

©Eva Fridrich How to decorate your home for Christmas

The house: which decorations to use for the interior?

Our homes are as unique as we are as individuals. I admire each and every one of those decorating styles. From bright and colorful decorations, to pastels and neutrals that soothe the eye well after the holiday lights have faded. More so, I welcome requests that favor blending of the seasons. Themes of a season, rather than just a specific holiday. I encourage a vision and creative initiative that looks beyond instant gratification. For now, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

©Eva Fridrich How to decorate your home for Christmas

A time for family and friends, and decorating our houses in a way that makes them feel like a home, whatever that style might be. Take the time to slow down, take in the scents of the Season, be good to yourself and others. Merry Christmas from our home.

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