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Vins du Jura

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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The Jura vineyard (2000 ha) stretches over 80 km along the Revermont and is 6 km wide.

The Jura, in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, is an ideal destination for wine lovers, rich as it is in wine history, including yellow wine, raisin wine, clavelin, macvin, dzis.

The CIVJ, born in 1988, includes the representatives of all the professional families of the sector (producers, cooperatives and traders) and was born with the aim of promoting the wine production of the area at an international level.
Let’s find out more from the words of the director of the Olivier Badoureaux Association.

©Vins du Jura

Since the birth of Vins du Jura, which goals have been achieved and which remain to be achieved?

Initially, the Jura vineyard worked to go beyond its regional borders and make its wines known to as many people as possible. All over France first and, for fifteen years, on export markets. We are currently working to strengthen the reputation of Jura wines.

©Vins du Jura

What are the particularities of the territory and its wines?
One of the peculiarities of Jura wines lies in its mosaic of geological terroirs. Eighty million years ago, the thrust of the Alps exerted a strong pressure on the Jura area and shaped the vineyard, with soils favorable to the viticulture of various grape varieties. Therefore, the Savagnin and Trousseau grape varieties appreciate soils with blue marl and marl. While Chardonnay and Pinot Noir appreciate the calcareous soils.

Another peculiarity of Jura wines lies in the wide range of production and vinification methods: still wines, sparkling wines, but, above all, our know-how in vinifying wines under a veil with in particular the yellow wine which is a white, for a minimum of six years and three months.

©Vins du Jura

Can you briefly describe the cultural and wine tourism areas of the Vins du Jura?

The Jura benefits from numerous advantages to recharge your batteries and enjoy nature.
We have mountains, lakes and forests and many caves.
In addition, there are areas dedicated to wine tourism. We will mention more specifically the village of Château-Chalon. Cradle of yellow wine, this village (one of the most beautiful in France) allows you to discover the landscapes of the Jura from its viewpoints and its winegrowers.

We also have a big party dedicated to yellow wine every year. This is the traditional Percée du Vin Jaune (every first weekend of February).

Note that the Jura is currently working on a Cité des Vins project (on three sites).

©Vins du Jura

Through which services do you promote the wine region?

• Tastings and entertainment
• Export tasks
• Editorial printing
• Social networks and influencers

©Vins du Jura

Why are Jura wines so special?

The Jura produces many different types of wine but, above all, we master the vinification under the veil.

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