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Suisun Valley

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Suisun Valley is a wine region located in Solano County in Northern California between San Francisco and Sacramento. A different wine destination from the best known and, precisely for this reason, appreciated by those who do not like beaten paths but the beauty of agricultural landscapes.

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The Suisun Valley appellation was chartered in 1982 (California’s 12th AVA) and is nestled between two coastal mountain ranges, southeast of Napa Valley. Ten wineries for 23 different varieties of wine grapes, among which Petite Sirah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,  Barbera, Chardonnay, Primitivo, Semillon, Syraz, Zinfadel, among others, stand out. Not only wine but the best that a sun-kissed area can give. Farms handed down for generations whose stories date back to the early nineteenth century.

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At that time, the vineyards, located most prominently at the southern end of both the Suisun Valleys and the neighboring Green Valley, were characterized by the classic head-pruned vines in field blends

After the dark times of prohibition and phylloxera, the region regained strength in the twentieth century and today the valley has about 3,000 hectares of vineyards.

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Among the Association’s goals is to improve the average price per ton on an annual basis to keep grower revenues in line with rising operating costs. Increase annual tonnage shipments from Suisun Valley to North Coast premium wineries and develop significant awareness within Suisun Valley’s North Coast Commercial Markets (AVA) orientation and position that awareness as high quality/high value. Not only that, the Association works every day to reduce price differences with respect to the average price of grapes per ton in Napa Valley.

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Climate and terroir are certainly favorable for making the wines of this AVA more and more known and appreciated not only on a national level. The Valley is approximately eight miles long and three miles wide at its widest point, North to South orientation, divided mid-valley into two geographic fingers.

The Suisun Valley terroir is characterized by cool, humid winds blowing inland from the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco’s San Pablo Bay continuously from May through early fall.

©Suisun Valley

Soil types include:

  • Brentwood loam
  • San Ysidro sandy loam
  • Loamy sycamore loam
  • Rincon loam

©Suisun Valley

Until recently, the region remained out of the mainstream due to its small size and family wineries. Today, the Valley is proposed to all intents and purposes as one of the most interesting and lively proposals on the US wine scene.

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