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Gramado Wine Route: interview with Bárbara Konrat

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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© Seganfredo- Gramado Wine Region

Far from the most renowned destinations, Gramado is a very suggestive city with flowery streets, high gastronomic quality and a special welcome.

Considered one of the 10 most visited and safest destinations in Brazil, Gramado enchants not only with its European climate, but also with its various attractions and exuberant landscapes.

Gramado has the largest tourist infrastructure in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and a flagship wine route in the region.

Let’s find out more from the words of Bárbara Konrat, representative of the tourist section of the region.

©Stopassola- Gramado Wine Region

In which part of Brazil is the Gramado Wine Route located and why is it worth a visit?

Gramado is located in southern Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and 115 km from the state capital Porto Alegre. The city, which is located in the heart of the Serra Gaúcha, 855m above sea level, is enchanting with its climate, beautiful landscapes, dozens of tourist attractions, events and a highly qualified tourist infrastructure. Among its attractions, the Wine Route stands out, an immersion in the culture and traditions of those who live around the production of grapes and wine.

What tourist and food and wine itineraries does the region offer?

The cellars are located in the rural area of the municipality of Gramado, where the visitor is faced with impressive landscapes that demonstrate the rich and varied beauty of nature present in the interior of the region.

©Seganfredo- Gramado Wine Region

How many wineries are there in the region and which type of wine predominates among reds, whites and sparkling wines?

The city of Gramado has eight wineries, where the visitor will find fine wines of the highest quality, as well as sparkling wines and juices, all produced in family cellars, which have passed on this tradition from generation to generation. I am:

Ravanello Winery:

Known as the first Boutique winery in Gramado, the Ravanello winery has all the most modern winemaking, but without renouncing the tradition that surrounds this culture. quality.

Seganfredo House:

Located 8 kilometers from the center of Gramado, in a place called Belvedere, Casa Seganfredo has the charm of a bucolic life associated with the pleasures offered by the beautiful and international cities of Gramado. In this magical place, visitors will discover that wine is not the result of chance. It is the extreme care with the land, with the selection of the grapes, with the way of harvesting, with the rigorous production processes, which gives the product an artisanal standard combined with modern technologies. The property is designed to welcome wine and nature lovers, in a privileged geography of valleys and mountains, forming the ideal setting for the cellar where wines and sparkling wines are produced.

Stopassola winery:

Cantina Stopassola is more than a cellar that produces wine, it is a place to receive friends, contemplate nature and toast to happiness. Located in Linha Carazal, the property is surrounded by an exuberant nature that conquers all visitors. Among the attractions of the place, the family winery offers tastings and discussions on grapes and wines, showing the vineyards and the entire production process with guided tours of the vineyards to leave beautiful testimonies to immortalize the experience.

©Ravanello-Gramado Wine Region

Casarão Zio Pietro (Uncle Peter):

Located within the municipality of Gramado, in the Linha Nova, Casarão, the Zio Pietro winery offers many attractions for visitors to enjoy the flavors and nature of the region. The Cavichion family is always with open arms to welcome you and show you the pleasures of your day. The property also has a delicious wine vinegar, and you can learn about its production process.

Masotti winery:

In 1887, together with his family, Davide Masotti left Italy and came to Brazil, bringing with him the Italian tradition in the production of juices and wines. Over time, the cultural heritage has been handed down from generation to generation, transforming the Masotti family into a real producer of juices and wines. The visitor can taste and buy the products in the dining room of the property.

Lazaretti family:

The Lazaretti family took root in a small piece of land, in the hinterland of Gramado, in 1880, where the tradition and secrets of winemaking have been handed down from generation to generation. On the property, visitors are welcomed by the fourth generation of the family, who share their experience of working in the fields in the middle of a beautiful vineyard. In its cellar you will find old wooden barrels, where the family produces its wines and the famous grappa, a drink also derived from grapes.

Benvic Sucos e Vinhos: The Benvic winery is located in Linha Furna, in Gramado. Since 2019, in a family property and with artisanal production, it has been offering products made with the delicious quality of the Bordeaux grape, one of the most important grape varieties among those grown in Rio Grande do Sul.

©Lazaretti-Gramado Wine Region

Porjeto Arte Liquida:

Wines that reflect the identity of our land. Arte Líquida is a cross-border project that unites Argentina and Brazil through wine, led by two professionals, the world-renowned winemaker and viticulturist Matias Michelini (Passionate Wine, Sitio La Estocada & Super Uco), and the sommelier, wine merchant and winemaker Cris Ribeiro, who seek to identify the best Terroirs in Brazil to produce authentic and natural wines with the least possible chemical intervention.

For foreign tourists, what is the best time to visit the region?

The city of Gramado is beautiful in all seasons and the Wine Route has its charm in each of them, but the month of February is special because it is the time when the grape harvest takes place and you celebrate it with an event called Vindima em Gramado , which in 2024 will take place from 8 February to 3 March. In this event we have Vila do Vinho in the center of Gramado, special programming at the wineries, as well as special menus in the city’s restaurants, combining wines with gastronomic experiences.

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