How to grow a small vegetable garden

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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A small vegetable garden is a gift you should make to have organic, delicious vegetables.

My father always told me that the garden teaches the art of waiting. It is also a metaphor for life: those who sow collects but can also lose everything if weather climates compromise the harvest. The incomparable pleasure of eating what we have cultivated makes us forget the drawbacks that, inevitably, may arise.

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How to grow a small vegetable garden:

If you do not have a medium size ground, you can set up the garden in the balcony, on the terrace, in a corner of the yard. The balcony garden needs a jar of not too large size. For the garden on the ground, you have to choose regular areas, with no recesses to prevent water stagnation that would break the roots of the plants.


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What to cultivate in a home garden:

Domestic garden has to follow seasonality. Of course, the area where you live strongly affects the vegetables to grow, as well as the space available.
Cherry tomatoes and strawberries are perfect for growing in pots. They love the heat and the sun. Instead, mint and basil, for example, prefer the shade. Eggplants (aubergine), green beans, lettuce, garlic and onion are some of the vegetables that can also be grown in pots.

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Which jar to choose:

Clay pot is ideal because, unlike the plastic, it maintains the right degree of soil moisture; it is porous and evaporates water from the sides.

The plant saucers are crucial. They collect excess water and, at the same time, provide a decent reservoir of water to the plants.

ph: Veronica Lavenia

Which blend of soil to choose:

The ideal soil mix for the vegetable garden should consist of two parts of clay, a peat and a piece of sand.

In gardening manuals, it will be suggested that a good amount of fertilizer, preferably organic, is essential to help plants grow. As far as I’m concerned, good soil and water are the only two elements I use. I have never put any fertilizer in my vegetable garden and my vegetables have always grown without any problems.

Large leafy vegetables, such as broccoli, need to be covered with special covers to prevent the birds from eating the leaves. You can also use special plants to keep away parasites or to attract useful insects. The mint removes the ants, while basil, thyme, and rosemary attract the bees, butterflies and other insects that are very useful for pollination and to divert the mosquitoes.

Passion, patience and love are the basis for starting your own vegetable garden. Everything else you will learn little by little.


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