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Mint: benefits and tips

Mint: benefits and tips
Written by Veronica Lavenia

In spring and summer, my garden is full of so much fresh mint and it is the scent that gives me more energy. Early in the morning, while I work in the vegetable garden, I love to chew a few mint leaves that, with the juice of a half or a lemon, purifies me and prepares me for breakfast.

Mint properties:

Do you know that chewing mint not only refreshes your breath but also helps prevent muscle pain? A simple infusion, made with warm water and some mint leaves, is useful against coughs and colds, as it has sedative effects, as it contains menthol, vitamin C and antibiotic substances.

A spoonful of mint leaves, better if dried, in boiling water, have a digestive and invigorating action, useful to promote digestion.

Mint is effective against intestinal gas formation. Just prepare an herbal tea with a teaspoon of mint leaves (in winter, use dried ones) and 250 ml (9 oz) water. Boil the herbal tea for about ten minutes, let it stand for five minutes, filter and consume after meals.

Mint: tips

Mint is a great ally for refreshing foot baths. Four tablespoons of mint leaves, a tablespoon of sea salt and a lemon juice are the ingredients for an effective foot bath. Put the mint leaves in a pot with water and bring to a boil. Filter and add the salt and lemon juice. Dip your feet for fifteen minutes. Dry and massage.

Even face skin can benefit from this delicious herb with DIY masks like this for combination skin:

10 mint leaves, chopped

1 tbsp natural yogurt

The juice of one lemon

Mix the mint leaves with yogurt and lemon juice. Apply for ten minutes.

Mint is not indicated in the evening for those suffering from insomnia. In addition, it is not recommended for those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux, ulcers and liver and kidney diseases.

Mint: benefits and tips

PH. Veronica Lavenia

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