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Vegan pumpkin soup

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Vegan Pumpkin soup is an ode to the cold season. There are so many pumpkin proposals both sweet and savory, rich in taste and color. But the most popular recipes with this delicious vegetable are soups. Starting from the main ingredient, it is possible to create pumpkin soups rich of taste, with healthy and seasonal ingredients.

Potatoes are ideal for this type of recipe, perfect as hearthy meal, even cold.

Oat milk (or other plant based milk) and an excellent extra virgin olive oil make it a more perfect recipe to inaugurate the new cold season.

Instead of milk, you can use vegan cheese that will make the vegan pumpkin soup thick and creamy, too.

Vegan pumpkin soup: Ingredients

Serves 4

400 g (14 oz) pumpkin 

1 carrot

3 potatoes

1 onion

pinch of sea salt

white pepper, to taste

2 tbsp oat milk (or brown rice milk)

3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil


Vegan pumpkin soup: Method

  1. Chop and peel the pumpkin, peel the carrot, the potatoes, the onions and cut the onion into large pieces.
  2. Season with salt and steam the vegetables for 20 minutes.
  3. Pour the vegetables into a large pot, add the salt and oat milk. Puree with a hand blender for one minutes.
  4. Add the pepper, extra virgin olive oil and serve.

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About the author

Veronica Lavenia

PhD (former University academic). Italian based food writer, food consultant and magazine contributor. Authors of six books (five cookbooks), some of her works have appeared and appears in the most popular International food magazine, as “Gluten-free Heaven”; "Vegetarian Living"; "Veggie Magazine"; "Lifestyle FOOD"; "Australian Good Food & Travel Guide; "Chickpea";" TML" (The Mediterranean lifestyle), among others.