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Written by Veronica Lavenia

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There is no secret to longevity but you can live well by nourishing yourself correctly, consuming the fruits of the earth.
There are those who still believe in it and it is to talented agricultural producers that this column gives room to tell how important it is to give value to an ancient and noble profession.
Deliba is not just a Calabrese extra virgin olive oil brand. Moreover, it is the story of a love born forty years ago between two young workers, who later became owners of the company.
Today, Gianfranco, Carmine and Ivana have inherited the olive farm to which they have given a creative and fitting name. Proud to produce an extra virgin of the highest quality, the son of one of the lands, Molochio (RC) with the highest rate of longevity in the world.
A special EVOO, and a story to tell, as explained by one of the owners, Gianfranco Cosmano.


When and how was DELIBA born?
Deliba brand was born in 2019. We wanted to give a name to the farm that our parents have built over the years with many sacrifices.
Our parents met in the company in the 1980s, back then they were simple workers. My father had been in charge of management for many years and my mother was a worker. Their story goes hand in hand with that of the company. They date and fall in love at work. When the old owners proposed to my father to buy the company, he was about to get married to my mother. Just then he decided to take over the company where he worked with my mother.
The property passed to my parents in the 1980s. Since then, a long process of modernization begins which, over the years, involves me, Gianfranco, and my brothers Carmine and Ivana.
Carmine and I, after completing our academic paths, have decided to put all our commitment and our passion for the EVOO world at the disposal of the company and of that dream that our parents have started to realize many years ago does.


What does DELIBA mean?
Deliba is none other than the third person singular of the present indicative of the verb “delibare”. From the Latin “delibare”, to taste, to savor small samples of food and drinks with graceful ways. Take a small part to offer it to the deity. The term Deliba encompasses what is the meaning of our mission, that is to offer a special and unique product to our customers. Not only. Through the “Deliba” brand we want to convey our way of life. Deliba is, indeed, an invitation to conviviality, to sharing. Even just the simple gesture of seasoning slices of bread with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with friends or family is something very strong for us peoples of the Mediterranean who live conviviality as a fundamental element of our culture. Therefore, with the term “deliba” we try to translate the simplicity of our way of life and the genuineness of our products. It is no coincidence that our motto is: “eat well and stay well” (eat well to stay well). The principles of the Mediterranean Diet are the basis of our life experience.

In which area of ​​Calabria is your company located and what is the characteristic of this geographical area, such as to make the olives and extra virgin olive oil you produce special?

We are located in Southern Tyrrhenian Calabria, in Molochio (RC), a village of just over two thousand souls, defined as “the country of longevity” as it has one of the highest percentages of centenarians in the world. We are on the edge of the Aspromonte National Park, in an uncontaminated area where it is still possible to admire the art of farmers in modeling the territory. Our company covers 40 hectares on a single body, more than 80% is terraced. The terraces are real works of peasant art. Longevity, as well as the uncontaminated territory, are the peculiarities that characterize the area where our company stands.
Prof. Valter Longo, a native of the area, in his studies on longevity focuses on Molochio and on the lifestyle and diet of its inhabitants, made above all of many vegetables and legumes always accompanied by local extra virgin olive oil. Some of Molochio’s typical recipes are published in the book on “Fasting Mimicking Diet”.

Which cultivar do you grow on the farm?
From our centuries-old olive groves we produce two monocultivars very rich in antioxidants: the Ottobratico and the Sinopolese which, in turn, are our native cultivars.
They are two different oils: the Ottobratico is a medium fruity and the Sinopolese is a light fruity. Ottobratico is a majestic olive tree that gives us an oil with balanced bitter and spicy, with a medium fruitiness rich in aromatic notes such as mint and sage.
Sinopolese is also a plant with a strong production capacity and expresses a lightly fruity but very spicy, vegetable oil with a bitter hint like thistle and spinach.

Why is your Extra virgin olive oil special?
Our Extra virgin olive oils are special because it is our territory that makes them special and they have also contributed to making the people who live these territories special, we through the care and cultivation of our company try to continue to make this territory hospitable for our magnificent olive trees and in turn those who donate their special nectar one of the main ingredients of our longevity and eternal youth.



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