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Blanc De Blancs 2020 – Monte Rossa

Blanc De Blancs 2020 - Monte Rossa - © Ph. Piero Pardini - The Wolf Post
Written by Piero Pardini

Credits: © Piero PardiniThe Wolf Post

Monte Rossa is a historic winery in Franciacorta where peasant tradition has harmoniously merged with technology and where craftsmanship and passionate pursuit of excellence are managed with commitment and entrepreneurial mentality, without compromise. Characteristics that can be summarized in the expression “Oenological craftsmanship”, the mission that Monte Rossa has pursued with determination from the very beginning. It was 1972 when the entrepreneur Paolo Rabotti (later founder and first president of the Consorzio Tutela Franciacorta) with the precious support of his wife Paola Rovetta embarked on the path of viticulture. An inspired and far-sighted choice that today is carried out with enthusiasm and innovative spirit by his son Emanuele.
The history of Monte Rossa is studded with strategically winning decisions: such as that of abandoning the road of still wines first in search of excellence in Franciacorta or that of investing with determination in technology – an example of this is “Enolift”, a real it is precisely the ups and downs of the wine that guarantees maximum results in the vinification phase – and the continuous research and experimentation that distinguish it.
Today Monte Rossa, after more than 40 years of activity, governs 70 hectares of vineyards. The various positions of the crus on different terrains and exposures contribute to broaden the aromatic heritage of the grapes, so as to compose cuvées rich in structure and complexity, pleasantly fine and elegant. The winery’s production is around 500,000 bottles per year.

Owner: Emanuele Rabotti
Oenological management: Emanuele Rabotti
Agronomic management: external consultancy
Viticulture: conventional
Vineyard hectares: 70
Bottles produced: 500,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 1972

Wine: Blanc de Blancs
Alcoholic strength: 12.5% vol.
Vintage: 2020.
Classification: D.O.C.G ..
Production area: Franciacorta Docg, morainic hills of the municipalities of Bornato, Brescia, Cazzago San Martino, Passirano, Adro, Iseo, Rodengo Saiano.
CRU: 22 crus spread over 78 hectares of vineyards strategically distributed on the territory of Franciacorta.
Soil structure: glacial moraine in the Monte Rossa hilly area, plus some sandy and clayey soils.
Grapes: 100% Chardonnay.
Cuvée: 65% wines obtained from Chardonnay of our best crus and 35% Chardonnay reserve wine.
Training system: spurred cordon at 70 cm from the ground, guyot.
Plant sixth: 2×1 m
Plant density: 5,000 plants / ha
Average age of the vines: 14 years
Average grape yield per hectare: max. 95 quintals per hectare.
Selection of grapes: in the vineyard with manual harvesting in crates.
Vinification: soft pressing of the grapes with selection of the best part of the grapes for no more than 55% of the yield. Each cru is vinified in purity.
Fermentation: in steel vats and oak barrels.
Refinement in the bottle: at least 24 months.

Blanc De Blancs 2020 - Monte Rossa

© Monte Rossa

Visual exam
Clarity: brilliant
Color: straw yellow
Consistency: – – –
Observations: with bright and lively tones
Effervescence (perlage): fine
Bubble numbers: numerous
Bubble length: lengthy

Olfactory examination
Intensity: intense
Complexity: complex
Quality: fine
Description: floral, fruity, fragrant, toasted and mineral
Notes: floral opening with pleasant scents of white flowers reminiscent of hawthorn and jasmine, crunchy hints of white-fleshed fruit reminiscent of golden apple, Williams pear and white peach, fragrant notes of bread crust and dry pastries with light nuances toasted hazelnuts and closing with mineral notes.

Taste – olfactory examination
Sugars: dry
Alcohols: moderately warm
Polyalcohols: moderately smooth
Acids: fresh
Tannins: – – –
Minerality: mineral
Structure: full-bodied
Balance: balanced
Intensity: intense
Length: very long
Quality: good

Final remarks
State of Evolution: mature
Harmony: harmonious
Notes: a sparkling wine with elegant and characteristic aromas, excellent balance between the hard and soft parts with a long persistence and an overall excellent quality.


Pairings: grilled Argentine prawns.

Monte Rossa
Via Monte Rossa, 1 – Frazione Bornato
25040 Cazzago San Martino (BS)
Phone +39 030 725066

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