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Santorini Wine Route

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Santorini, is not only one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. It is also the guardian of historic vineyards that give rise to wines produced from volcanic soils. A perfect microclimate which, combined with traditional and modern cultivation and winemaking techniques, makes the wines of this small patch of land special.

Santorini Wine Tour introduced the concept of wine tourism to the one and only ancient wine region of Santorini. Santorini Wine Tour offers visitors the chance to discover the treasures of the island, the secrets of grape growing and winemaking in Santorini accompanied by wine experts and guides.

Let’s find out more from the words of Alexandra Oikonomou.

Since your Association was born to date, what goals have you achieved and what are still to be achieved?

Santorini Wine Tour has been introducing for more than 10 years Wine, Gastronomy & Culture experiences, focusing on quality, professionalism & authenticity. Being the pioneers of enotourism in Santorini our goal is to showcase to our guests the wine & gastronomic culture of the island. It is our continuous mission to communicate the distincted and exciting wine scheme of Greece.

Through which services / activities do you promote the dissemination of the Santorini Wine Tour?

Our portfolio includes a unique variety of services that focus on the guests engagement to the activities and leads to a constant development of our company. Between others, these include visits to ancient vineyards, modern estate wineries and others persevering tradition, fun cooking classes and high end gastronomical experiences. Our team of professionals makes sure to provide accurate and interesting information, sharing our passion for wine, gastronomy & hospitality.

What are the peculiar characteristics of the territory and its wines?

The territory of Santorini is a mixture of volcanic ash and pumice. Throughout the entire length of the island, both small and large rocks composed of magnesium and ferrous iron are encountered, as well as small and large lava deposits, all of which are of volcanic origin. The pumice extends from the surface, to considerable depths. Through the centuries, a rather unique vine was cultured, “kouloura”, that has a circular shape and you can only find it in Santorini. The winemaking of Santorini has ancient roots , with techniques passed through generations making its wines complex & multidimensional, rich & age-worthy.

Can you briefly describe the route and which territories of cultural and enotourist interest it crosses?

Santorini follows the road of tradition, evolving its cultural and enotourist characteristics. It preserves its ancient civilization by keeping the old “canaves”, wineries built in caves, indigenous grapes and traditional techniques that wine makers try to inherit to their wines. On the other hand, you will meet producers that approach the philosophy of well-being and natural resourcing. All of the above result in distinctive and premium wines, rich gastronomy based on locality and innovative products.

Why choose the Santorini Wine Tour?

Santorini Wine Tour is a series of educational yet fun tours that center on the wines and tastes of Santorini, as well as rare sights. Our team of professionals & experts in their fields, offer quality services, accommodated by our private fleet of luxury vehicles. All of our associates are carefully selected, with which we maintain strong links and reliable partnerships. Santorini Wine Tour ensures exceeding services for each one of our Signature Tours and each Dear Traveler.

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