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La Source

Written by Piero Pardini


The La Source Agricultural Company was founded in 2003 from the experience and passion of a group of young farmers.

Currently, the winery is owned by the Celi-Cuc family and Stefano Celi is its soul. Born in 1971, graduated agricultural expert at the Salesian institute of Lombriasco, descendant of a family that for generations has dedicated itself to agriculture in the Aosta Valley, after other work experiences and always a part-time farmer, since 2005 he has dedicated himself to full time in agricultural and particularly wine-growing activities.

The 7 hectares of vineyards are planted with international (Syrah, Chardonnay Moscato Muller Traminer) and autochthonous (Petite Arvine, Petit Rouge, Fumin, Premetta, Cornalin and Vien de Nus) vines found in the best wine-growing areas of the Aosta Valley.

All the processes are performed manually, without the aid of mechanical means, as the inaccessible territory does not allow it. In fact, an open hand is visible in the Company logo, which symbolizes the hard manual work required to produce the wines of the mountain areas.

Owner: Stefano Celi
Oenological management: Mario Ronco
Agronomic management: Stefano Celi
Viticulture: integrated pest management
Vineyard hectares: 8
Bottles produced: 40,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 2003

Labels reviewed
Ensemblo 2017
Gamay 2016
Syrah 2014

La Source
Località Bussan Dessous, 1
11010 Saint-Pierre (AO)
Phone +39 0165 904038

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