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Venica & Venica

Venica & Venica
Written by Piero Pardini


From 1930 to now, in the sign of a harmonious generational change, 89 years of passion, sacrifices and successes have passed, in a synergistic relationship between the fascinating Collio and the continuous, relentless love for the land, the vineyards and its grapes.
Venica & Venica is a family business with 40 hectares of vineyards all in the municipality of Dolegna del Collio, a D.O.C.
The Venica & Venica are indigenous winemakers who value and undertake to enhance their traditions with continuous research and innovation and their production philosophy is summarized as follows: “The evolution of the market has led us to produce wines that must have a qualitative consistency. Our wines are designed, and the entire production chain must be aligned with this concept”.

Ownership: Venica family
Oenological management: Giorgio Venica
Agronomic management: Giorgio Venica
Viticulture: biologic and biodynamic
Vineyard hectares: 40
Bottles produced: 310,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 1930

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Ronco delle Cime 2022

Venica & Venica Società Agricola
Località Cerò 8
34070 Dolegna del Collio (Go)
Phone +39 0481 61264

About the author

Piero Pardini

Founder and editor of "The Wolf Post", Italian based International digital wine platform.
Freelance Journalist.
Wine critic and Sommelier.
He has also written about sports and technology for some specialized magazines.
Co-author of the authorized biography "Gianni Clerici - The writer, the poet the journalist", Le Lettere, Firenze.

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