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Galgo Wines: story of a passion

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Galgo Wines is a wine project born from the friendship between Ezequiel Sánchez-Mateos, owner of the Reserva y Cata wine shop in Madrid and the oenologist Juan Manuel Gonzalvo who aims to produce wines of different origins and varieties.
Ezequiel is responsible for the design of the brand and the image, Juan Manuel has the task of finding the right grapes, coordinating the production, stabilization and bottling of the wines.
A project positively received not only in Spain but also abroad where the wines are positioned in some of the best international distributions.
Ezequiel Sánchez-Mateos tells us more about Galgo Wines.

©Galgo Wines

When was the idea of ​​creating a brand of Spanish wines born and where did the choice of the name come from?

Our daily and close contact with producers from different areas led us at the end of the 90s to get involved in our own wine production. In 2005, we increased this activity and began to produce wines with small wineries throughout the Iberian Peninsula under the Galgo Wines brand.

The main goal is to produce wines with an attractive image and a competitive price with native grape varieties from the Iberian Peninsula.

The name is a tribute to the stylized but powerful and fast greyhounds and the image that they preserved from their races among the vineyards.

Your project involves several wines, whose vineyards are found not only in Spain. Can you explain better?

Our motto is “Iberian Terroirs”, which is why we have always thought of the entire Iberian Peninsula as a production area where we can develop our projects.

We currently have wines from Calatayud, Conca de Barberá, Galicia, La Mancha, Rioja and Sierra de Gredos, all of which are Spanish areas, but I want to go back to the Douro and Alentejo to define our first wines there.

I think that, for the time being, our internationality will be limited to Spain and Portugal.

©Galgo Wines-Ezequiel Sánchez-Mateos Úbeda- Juan Manuel Gonzalvo

What are the difficulties of this project and what are the satisfactions collected so far?

Each project is a strange dichotomy and the difficulty of working with different people in different places implies enormous personal and professional enrichment. The greatest satisfaction is soaking up all the local customs and learning the peculiarities of the different grape varieties, techniques and cultivation systems. The difficulties come on their own and, to the intrinsic problems of each project, are added to the nonsense and madness of some human beings with the capacity to impart suffering to many of their peers.

Galgo Wines have crossed national borders. Apart from the opportunity of buying online, in which countries are you distributed?

In the USA and we also work in Mexico, Switzerland, Poland, the UK and Japan.

©Galgo Wines-Juan Manuel Gonzalvo

Goals for 2022?

In addition to reactivating a couple of wines in Portugal, as I mentioned earlier, we have a very advanced project in Ribera del Jiloca (Aragón) with very old Garnacha vineyards planted at more than 1,000 meters above sea level.

We are about to launch a line of 2.25 liter BIB (Bag in Box) with organic wines and we would also like to expand the distribution network in the USA and Europe.

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