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D.O. Penèdes

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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The Penedès region covers a long strip of land halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona. The vineyards of the D.O. are located between the mountains of the hinterland and the small plains of the Mediterranean coast, divided into three areas: The Penedès Superior (near the internal mountain range), The Penedès Marítim (between the sea and the coastal hills) and the plain between these areas , known as Penedès Central.

The Penedès enjoys a wide variety of microclimates, characterized by different altitudes and the proximity of the sea. The climate is typically Mediterranean, mild and warm. The diversity of D.O. Penedès is based on the uniqueness of the region, the result of these differences in climate, territory and the variety of soils that make up the region.

Let’s find out more from the words of Francesc Olivella, Director of the D.O. Penedès.

©D.O. Penedès

Since the birth of the D.O. Penèdes, what  goals have been achieved and which remain to be achieved?

The first regulation of the D.O. Penedès was approved in 1960. Since then the following has been achieved:

  1. Internationalize the marketing of bottled wines from the DO Penedès;
  2. Position the wines of the Xarel lo (White) variety as quality wines with a native variety;
  3. Produce high quality red wines;
  4. In 2025, all DO Penedès wines must be organic;
  5. Singularize the wines of Más. (Traditional agricultural exploitation of the Penedès);

There are always goals to be achieved. In the strategic plan of the DO Penedès, there are the following projects:

  1.  Zero CO2 emissions target;
  2. Regenerative agriculture of the soil;
  3. Ancestral varieties adapted to climate change.

©D.O. Penedès

What are the peculiarities of the territory and its wines?

The territory of the D.O. Penedès, is next to Barcelona, ​​has a Mediterranean climate and is divided into 10 different zones according to the types of soils and different microclimates. The wines are characterized by their varieties and the types of elaboration.

What services/activities do they use to promote the wine region?

The D.O. Penedès, as an entity that associates the wineries, annually proposes a communication and marketing plan that includes the different activities to be carried out. At the national and international level.

©D.O. Penedès

Can you briefly describe the areas of cultural and wine tourism interest in the D.O. Penèdes?

The main areas of cultural and wine tourism interest are:

  1. Archaeological site of the “Font de la Canya”. Where carbonized grape seeds have been found that are from 2700 years before Christ;The wineries and their vineyard landscapes;
  2. Viewpoints of vineyard landscape;
  3. Romanesque churches;
  4. Local parties.

©D.O. Penedès

What are the goals set to spread its excellence more and more internationally?

To make the quality of Penedès wines more widely known, explaining the characteristics and purposes for the future, especially in the British, American, European and Asian markets.

 Why are D.O. Penèdes wines so special?

They are wines that reflect a lot of the territory and the Mediterranean Sea. The young Whites are fresh and fruity, if aged, especially with the Xarel lo variety, they have body and are sweet. The reds are structured, full-bodied, colored and very velvety.

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