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Frantoio Cassese: Italian Extra Virgin olive oil

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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A strategic olive oil region since the times of the ancient Greeks, Apulia is still the land of Italian Extra virgin olive oil par excellence, known worldwide for the quality of a product which expresses the characteristics of the different territories inside the region.

The stories tell that Apulia was considered by the Roman Emperors a natural reserve of olive oil from which to draw. It will be like this for centuries and, for as many centuries, various parts of the world have appreciated the quality of the Apulian EVOO oil.

Today, Apulia is the first Italian region producing Extra virgin olive oil and among the first to have also started a organic production.

©Frantoio Cassese

The expanses of olive groves have always been the natural landscape of Puglia, with millions of plants scattered throughout the region. The olive groves with their rich foliage are the centuries-old history of a territory capable of building a solid olive-growing economy over the decades.

The Apulian olive growers, strong and generous like the land that represents them, have been able to pass on, from generation to generation, the work of the fields which, combined with modern processing technologies, allow the Apulian olive entrepreneurs to place themselves at the top of the level. international for production quality.

©Frantoio Cassese

Frantoio Oleario Cassese is one of the best-known Apulian realities among the family-run companies that have been carrying out oil production for several decades. The company’s production includes various types of olive oil both with native cultivars and with olives from other Italian regions, equally rich in history, and an organic line.

Frantoio Cassese is also known for the sale of other specialties typical of the area and the Mediterranean, all of which can be purchased in the company e-shop.

©Frantoio Cassese


The Murge, about four thousand 4000 sq km of Apulian and Lucanian territory, extends along the provinces of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Taranto, Brindisi up to Matera. Divided into various areas, the area is an oasis rich in a naturalistic, architectural and historical heritage.

If once the Murgian economy was based on sheep farming, today it is mainly known for the expanses of olive groves, vines and almond groves that make its landscape unique.

Suspended where the Murgia ends and Salento begins, Villa Castelli is a treasure trove of artistic and landscape treasures between Brindisi and Taranto. The territory on which it stands is highly fertile and a large part is dedicated to the cultivation of olive groves.

Villa Castelli is the pride of its inhabitants that Frantoio Cassese enhances, divulging its historical wealth to underline how fundamental it is also for the enhancement of the olive-growing heritage.

©Frantoio Cassese


Frantoio Cassese has been producing Extra virgin olive oil for over forty years.

©Frantoio Cassese

“Our olive groves are located in Puglia, precisely in the city of Villa Castelli, a town located on the last foothills of the southern Murgia and overlooking the Salento plain like an authentic Natural Balcony. An area with a territory naturally suited to the production of precious cultivars and 70% of its surface affected by endless expanses of olive groves, both in the flat and in the hilly part, passing from 150 m.s.l.m. of the Salento area close to Grottaglie and Francavilla, at 330 m.s.l.m. of the Murgian hilly area on the border with Ceglie Messapica and Martina Franca “, says Giovanni Cassese, owner of the company.

©Frantoio Cassese

The Frantoio is known for the numerous awards and recognitions obtained at national level, the result of a work aimed at disseminating the olive culture and the quality of the company’s production: “The company, in order to achieve its objectives, relied on the modernization of its plants. and production methods, with the sole purpose of delivering an exquisite and genuine product to customers. For us, therefore, the constant and almost obsessive watchword is to pursue, reach and promote, always in new and more important commercial areas, the high quality of its E.V.O.product, distinguished by the “ISO 22000: 2018”, “Puglia Quality Product” and “Bio Certification” certification, without saving the necessary and often substantial economic investments aimed at improving the production of Company and putting in a lot of personal and family energies “, Giovanni Cassese says again.


Among the proposals of Frantoio Cassese, 40 ° Parallelo is one of the leading products. 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the Coratina and Biancolilla varieties.

Renowned Apulian cultivar, Coratina owes its name to the town of Corato, in the province of Bari, located in the north of the Murge. From there, this prized variety spread throughout the surrounding area. A very resistant variety, able to adapt to various types of soil, even calcareous, while having greater productivity on fertile hills.

Biancolilla is one of the oldest Italian varieties. Autochthonous Sicilian, it is particularly appreciated for its important productivity and for the precocity of its production.

The skilful combination of these two cultivars gives rise to an EVOO oil with a rich personality, with a high content of polyphenols.

©Frantoio Cassese

An olive oil produced a few hours after the olive harvest, inside a modern mill equipped with contemporary machinery that allows you to keep intact the organoleptic properties of Cassese EVOO oil.

“The harvest is carried out in the middle of the season, in the period of time between the first ten days of October and the last ten days of December, says Giovanni Cassese, owner of the company. Then, the oil is stored in underground stainless steel tanks so as not to undergo thermal changes, from the moment of its extraction to the outcrop which lasts about 30 to 40 days, so that it can emerge from the foundations. Finally, the oil is filtered through pure cellulose cartons (genuine cotton wool), always placed in underground stainless steel tanks and stored under nitrogen, in order to ensure the long-term organoleptic chemical-physical qualities of the final product”.

©Frantoio Cassese

The harvest period is from October 15th to December 31st. Less than four hours pass from harvest to processing to guarantee the maintenance of the organoleptic properties of the product. An Extra virgin olive oil that best expresses the flavors and personality of Puglia.

Frantoio Cassese Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively with olives from the Tavoliere delle Puglie area. Pure olive juice, with no added chemicals. Also ideal for feeding children.

The flavored EVOO’s  are created by expertly blending the best Italian EVOO with the typical flavors of the Mediterranean. From the classics flavored with chilli, onion, basil to the most original thyme and lemon, fennel, black truffle just to name a few.

©Frantoio Cassese


Via Luigi Einaudi, 14
72029 Villa Castelli (Brindisi) – Italy
+39 338 268 1168 Giovanni Cassese
+39 340 631 1724 Office

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