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Hacienda de Colchado: Extra virgin olive oil is a food

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Extra virgin olive oil is a food, as scientific studies have shown over time, and not just a condiment. The olive is the only fruit from which a real oil juice is obtained by squeezing it, without any chemical intervention (as happens with seed oils).

Hacienda de Colchado

EVOO is digestible, rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, oleic acid, protects against excesses of bad high cholesterol and increases the so-called good cholesterol. Thanks to its content of antioxidants such as polyphenols, it counteracts the processes that contribute to cellular aging. Oleic acid, the main component of Extra virgin olive oil, stimulates the activity of the gallbladder and reduces the danger of gallstone formation. Particularly rich in oleocanthal, Extra virgin olive oil also has an effective anti-inflammatory action. The fresher the EVOO (the typical “itch” in the throat is one of the elements that indicates its freshness), the higher the content of this substance. Furthermore, it is rich in squalene, a substance useful for protecting against ultraviolet rays.

Hacienda de Colchado

Extra virgin olive oil is a superior category obtained directly from olives. The acidity of the EVOO cannot exceed 0.8%. Each Extra virgin has a quality that varies by origin and price. A good Extra virgin olive oil has a certain price if we consider the costs of harvesting, plowing, pruning, fertilization, irrigation, transformation …

The choice of an artisanal EVOO must also take these factors into account to ensure that a healthy, tasty and quality product is brought to the table. Just as you pay attention to the purchase of a dress, a mobile phone or a food product by checking its ingredients and expiration date, choosing an EVOO must never be banal and obvious.

Today, the sites of the artisanal EVOO companies allow you to share the information necessary for an informed purchase. Almost all of them have an online e-shop or provide directions for finding their products.

©Hacienda de Colchado

Spain is the first producer of EVOO in the world, Andalusia the first region of the country to make the cultivation of olive trees and the production of EVOO its main economic resource.

Hacienda de Colchado is one of the most highly rated Spanish companies based in Andalusia.

LEGADO is the flagship of the company with modern and elegant packaging and excellent quality EVOO. Produced with the Hojiblanca olive variety, LEGADO has all the characteristics of early harvest olives (mid-October), i.e. when the olives take on a yellow hue which indicates the beginning of veraison. In this phase of maturation the quantity of oil obtained is very small but its quality, from a sensorial and chemical point of view, is extraordinary. In this way, the result is an oil of great aromatic complexity and high nutritional value due to the high content of natural antioxidants, responsible for its characteristic bitter and spicy touch.

Intense and complex green fruity. Within the range of green shades, fresh grass, green apple and tomato stand out with a background of aromatic plants and geranium leaves. Sweet and balanced on the palate with an aftertaste of green almonds. An EVO oil ideal for enriching the dishes of a healthy and tasty cuisine with nutrients.

Real food needs few but quality ingredients and the Mediterranean Diet (declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO) is an example of this. An apparently simple dish like the iconic “Pasta al pomodoro” needs just three very high quality ingredients. Only durum wheat pasta, fresh tomatoes (if in season) or a good sauce, preferably organic, and artisanal EVO oil. If the EVOO is fresh, as well as produced according to criteria such as those adopted by Hacienda de Colchado, it is not necessary to add anything else (for example the classic clove of garlic, which, however, may not be appreciated). The ingredients themselves tell the dish, giving it the taste it deserves.

©Hacienda de Colchado

Spaghetti with tomato sauce (basic recipe)

Ingredients for 4 people
500 g tomato pulp
A pinch of sea salt
2 tablespoons LEGADO EVOO
320 g spaghetti (from durum wheat)
100 g Parmigiano Reggiano, grated

©The Wolf Post

  1. Cook the tomato pulp, adding a pinch of salt, until the sauce has reached the desired consistency. Once the sauce is cooked, add two tablespoons of LEGADO EVOO
  2. Cook the pasta al dente, in boiling salted water. Once cooked, drain the pasta, transfer to the saucepan with the sauce and mix.
  3. Add the grated Parmesan only when serving.

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