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Annalisa Zorzettig: a hundred years of history

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Zorzettig has been producing wine for over a hundred years. The company is located on the hills of Spessa di Cividale, a generous land with a unique terroir and microclimate.

© Zorzettig

The extension of the property now reaches 115 hectares with an average annual production of 800,000 bottles.
The company is present abroad in Austria and Germany, Asia, the United States, Australia and Northern Europe.
Annalisa Zorzettig gives some memories and some information on the flagship wine of the company in this interview.

© Zorzettig

The company has a history spanning one hundred years. What has kept Zorzettig from the values of the past and what innovations has his generation brought?

Once the vineyard was sacred, because it was a source of subsistence. Today, we have maintained this sacredness, almost a “cult” because of biodiversity and quality.
Times change and hospitality, or opening the cellar doors to offer a glass and share our work, becomes one of the keys to spreading our production, telling its story. Not only this.
The availability and seriousness towards customers is an added value, as well as the selection of suppliers, fundamental partners. We have established a relationship of trust with them over the years.
Finally, one of the typical innovations of my generation is having built a united team, working for the same goal.

© Zorzettig

The winery is located on the hills of Spessa di Cividale, in the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli. How do your wines tell the story of a territory with such a high wine vocation?

The wines tell of an important territory, with well-defined characteristics given by the “ponca” and the microclimate of these hills.
Long-lived white wines possess harmony and elegance. Balance between acidity / flavor /Minerality / perfumes.

Ribolla Gialla MYO' Vigneti di Spessa 2017 - Zorzettig

Annalisa Zorzettig © Zorzettig

Born into a family of winemakers who have always been, what is your earliest memory as a child in the vineyard or cellar that has particularly impressed you?

I have wonderful memories. A family we were (between brothers and cousins) with eight children.
One in particular sees the four older ones, myself included, lying under the wooden barrels to pass the rubber tube that, wisely, my cousin (the eldest) had prepared to drink the Picolit. Obviously, we were punished! Thus, a thousand other moments between the countryside and the cellar of fun, alternating with the fairly strict rules of our parents.

© Zorzettig

Of course, all your production is the result of a work that expresses passion and territory. Yet, I ask you if there is a wine that for you, more than others, is close to your personality or to which you are more fond of.

Today, it is “Leonie’s Flowers”. It has the name of my granddaughter who loves to move among the fruit trees, in the middle of the vineyards. It is the wish for a future a little less complicated, simpler, more natural and a little carefree
A blend of:

  • Friulano: strength, integrity, values, tradition. The energy that I hope to transmit to my niece;
  • Sauvignon: the aromas, the savoir faire, the atmosphere, the grit;
  • Pinot Blanc: elegance, frankness, cleanliness.
Merlot 2015 - Zorzettig

© Zorzettig

Zorzettig’s future challenges?

Try to understand what the future of this nectar with a “millennial” history is.

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