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The Beringer Estate is one of Napa Valley’s best-known estates, also known for its impressive 19th-century architecture and lush gardens.
The entire estate has been designated a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Beringer brothers built the old cellar against a hill to use gravity flow methods to produce wine, as was the custom in their native Rhine Valley. Construction of the three-story cellar began in 1876 and became operational for the grape harvest of 1877. At that time, the grapes were pressed in the then very modern steam mill. The freshly squeezed juice was gravity-fed to the second floor for fermentation, then flowed back by gravity to the ground floor where it was stored and aged before being bottled.
All owned and leased vineyards are certified sustainable by third parties. The company also provides external growers with the resources necessary to achieve sustainable agricultural practices.

Beringer minimally tills the soil to reduce erosion and applies compost to improve soil health and nutrition. Soil moisture monitoring equipment helps prevent excessive water consumption. Drip irrigation reduces water consumption and evaporation. The cellar also provides shelter for various species in order to support a balanced ecosystem and provide additional pest control. Also adapt cover crop programs to attract beneficial insects and increase organic matter and natural fertilizers.
The company has chosen the sustainable method rather than organic or biodynamic because it is all-encompassing, applying itself not only to the agricultural practices in the vineyard, but also to the surrounding environment, the community and the economy. Sustainability is about smart farming, encouraging good practices that ensure vineyard longevity and optimizing the quality of grapes and wine.

Beringer has reduced energy use by more than 30% since 2007 and is home to the largest solar installation of any winery in California.

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2000 Main Street
St. Helena, 94574 California – U.S.A.
Phone: +1 707-257-5771

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