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Guida (Di)Vino - Tenuta San Guido - Toscana
Written by Piero Pardini


Mario Incisa della Rocchetta was the first to produce a Bordeaux wine on Italian soil, recognizing in the Bolgheri area a resemblance to the Graves of Bordeaux (Graves means gravel, and it is the stony soil of the vineyards that gives Sassicaia its name).

In 1944, Mario Incisa decided to plant cabernet. 1968 was the first Sassicaia harvest to be marketed and it was an immediate success.
Today, his son Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta is at the helm of Tenuta San Guido. Thanks to him, the wine business has further developed with the planting of new vineyards and the production of two further wines, Guidalberto and Le Difese.

Property: Società Agricola C.I.T.A.I Spa – Tenuta San Guido
Oenological Management: Carlo Paoli (Director)
Oenological Consultant: Graziana Grassini
Agronomic management: Nicola Politi (Agronomist)
Viticulture: conventional
Vineyard hectares: 90 hectares
Bottles produced: 945,000
Direct sales: no
Visits to the company: no
Foundation year: 1940

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Guidalberto 2022
Guidalberto 2021
Guidalberto 2020
Le Difese 2022
Le Difese 2021
Le Difese 2020
Le Difese 2019
Sassicaia 2021
Sassicaia 2020
Sassicaia 2019
Sassicaia 2018
Sassicaia 2017

Società Agricola C.I.T.A.I. S.p.A.
Loc. Capanne, n. 27
57022 Bolgheri – Livorno
Phone +39 0565 762003

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