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Archetypon: a different EVOO

Written by Veronica Lavenia

Archetypon is a different EVOO not just for the quality of the organic olives, carefully selected and for the generous territory that offers high quality fruit. Archetypon is a different EVOO as it is the fruit of a love story between the producer and the land.

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

A passionate story that Elina Poulou, owner of the family-run company, told here and which continues today with goals achieved and new projects. Quality, taste and beauty, as always the cornerstones of the producer.

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

Elina, compared to the first interview, your company is well established. What goals have you achieved and what are still to be achieved?

This year, we focused on the creation of our new, ultra premium, packaging, that of the 250ml glass bottle. We sealed into that bottle our high phenolic batch, harvested in early October, quite bitter and pungent in character. We are really proud of the result and we hope you ‘ll love it, too!

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

Next goal achieved this year was our introduction in the agritourist sector, through the establishment of Archetypon’s Boutique Suites, both in Athens and Kalamata. We created these units, in order to welcome tourists in the land of olive oil, offering them a fully equipped, cosy and artistic space for staying, together with olive oil tasting, seminars even with cooking classes. We have great feedback from our visitors who seem to love their staying here, as well as their acquaintance with the olive oil.

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

Moreover, we are working on a bigger architectural project, that of the reconstruction of our grandparents’ house in Filiatra Messinia and its conversion into a standardization unit and a small guest house. This unit will address travellers who seek unique, authentic experiences, wanting to be involved in the whole procedure of the production of a premium olive oil. We hope that this project will be accomplished in the next couple of years.

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

How is climate change affecting your production, if there are any differences?

Our traditional olive groves, centuries old and dry, are accustomed to conditions of thermal stress and dehydration. In any case, we are also strongly opposed to the irrigation of olive groves, as this constitutes a serious threat to the water table. A small family production is inherently limited, pure and unique and that is precisely the privilege our customers enjoy. Always focusing on quality over quantity, we know there will be years of reduced production, however premium quality will always be guaranteed.

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

Can you tell us about the characteristics of this year’s harvest and oil?

Once again we had an excellent quality production, made from the finest fruit. This year, Archetypon was awarded a Gold Medal at the Japanese Olive Oil Prize (JOOP 2024), one of the most demanding competitions worldwide! It was also awarded the Silver Medal at Olympia Awards (Health and Nutrition 2023-2024), organized by the World Olive Center (WOC), for its high polyphenolic character, achieving once again a health claim, according to EU regulation 432/2012. Moreover, being three years under supervision, BIO-HELLAS officially certified Archetypon as organic EVOO.

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

According to this year’s chemical and organoleptic analysis, Archetypon has extremely low acidity, less than 0.2, medium fruitiness and well balanced bitter and pungent. In its aromatic profile, one can detect fresh cut grass, olive leaves, tomato plant, herbs and flowers.

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

What does the customer find in your shop in Athens?

In Archetypon’s Boutique Shop, one can find our new premium packaging of the 250ml glass bottle as well as our typical 500ml tin and some 5lt tins for our devoted customers. Last but not least, we have some great offers on last year’s harvest!

©Aris Kamarotos for Archetypon EVOO

Beyond your physical shop, where to buy your EVOO?

We are currently working on the construction of our new website and e-shop, a requirement of our Greek and foreign customers, which we hope will be operational by the end of the year. Archetypon also has exclusive partnerships with gourmet deli groceries. For more information, one can email

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