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AOC Pinot Noir 2018 – Jean Baptiste Adam

Written by Piero Pardini

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Credits: Jean-Baptiste Adam – Alsace – France

Wine: Pinot Noir
Variety composition: 100% Pinot Noir.
Denomination: Alsace AOC.

© Jean-Baptiste Adam

Visual exam
Clarity: limpid
Color: ruby red
Consistency: consistent
Remarks: transparent.

Olfactory examination
Intensity: intense
Complexity: complex
Quality: fine
Description: floral, fruity and herbaceous
Observations: the sample opens with notes reminiscent of a potpourri of slightly withered red flowers, followed by an aroma of red berry fruits of black cherry, currant and raspberry. Herbaceous notes of undergrowth and delicate Mediterranean scrub nuances.

Taste – olfactory examination
Sugars: dry
Alcohols: warm
Polyalcohols: smooth
Acids: fresh
Tannins: fairly tannic
Minerality: salty
Structure: full-bodied
Balance: balanced
Intensity: moderately
Length: long
Quality: good

Final remarks
State of evolution: mature
Harmony: harmonious
Notes: A red in a land of great whites, a quality champion.


Pairing: cous cous.

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Jean-Baptiste Adam
5 rue de l’aigle
68770 Ammerschwihr – France
Phone +33 (0)3 89782321

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