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Four natural wines not to be missed

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Credits: © Domaine de Mirail – FRANCE

The Domaine de Mirail is located in the heart of Lomagne, near the village of Lectoure, defined by Stendhal as French Tuscany. Since 2010, the company has been certified organic and, in the entire property, since 2019.
Free from glyphosates and other herbicides, insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the company’s wines offer concentrated tannins and are an expression of the area’s calcareous terroir.

Colombard 2021 is the wine we enjoyed and reviewed here.

Colombard 2021 - Domaine de Mirail

© Piero Pardini – The Wolf Post – TUSCANY – ITALY

Dominio de Baco (Grupo Baco) is one of the leading Spanish companies in the international wine market, among the first to focus on organic cultivation.

The winery is located in Castilla-La Mancha, (40,000 hectares scattered throughout Castilla-La Mancha) the largest extension of vineyards in the world, with an altitude between 700 and 750 meters. The scarce rainfall, with extreme temperatures, very cold in winter and very hot during the day in summer and cool at night, make up the ideal climate for growing grapes.

Viñedos del Horizonte 2020 is the company’s flagship organic wine recommended by us. For the review click here.

Viñedos del Horizonte 2020 - Baco

© Piero Pardini – The Wolf Post – TUSCANY – ITALY

The natural wines of Valentina Passalacqua are born in Puglia, from the passion of those who cultivate the vineyards in respect of nature.
“Each of our wines – explains Passalacqua – ferments spontaneously with indigenous yeast, naturally present in the wind. using various fermentation vessels, we allow each wine collection to express itself in the most natural way possible ”.
The Gargano mountain, the plain of the Apulian board, the sea, the volcanic lakes and the calcareous soil, constitute a unique microclimate, ideal for obtaining quality wines. The company covers about 80 hectares, spread over undulating land, at the foot of the Gargano, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees.

Kunzite 2021 is our suggestion. For the review click here.

Kunzite Bianco 2021 - Valentina Passalacqua

© Piero Pardini – The Wolf Post – TUSCANY – ITALY

The organic farm Boriassi (Tuscany) extends between the Apuan Alps, the Apennines and the Ligurian Sea on eight hectares of land, three of which are planted with vines, at 150 meters above sea level.
The soil of the Boriassi winery is left covered with grass to keep its structure unaltered and rebalance the vigor of the plants, fertilized with the sowing and green manuring of leguminous plants, a natural and eco-sustainable method which benefits the vineyards.

Linàro 2021 is the wine we recommend. For the review click here.

Linàro 2021 - Cantina Boriassi

© Piero Pardini – The Wolf Post – TUSCANY – ITALY

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