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Four recommended Spanish wines

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Cover Image ©El Jardí dels Sentits

Tempranillo Barrica 2020 - Martín Berdugo

© Piero Pardini – The Wolf Post – TUSCANY – ITALY

Tempranillo Barrica 2020, from the Martín Berdugo winery, 100% Tempranillo, D.O. Ribera del Duero offers “A range of fairly complex, intense and good quality perfumes. Appreciated for the typical hints of Tempranillo in purity, enriched by notes of sweet spices such as vanilla, a consequence of its passage in barrique.” For the full review click here.

Milonga 2020, from the La Quinta company, is produced with 100% Monastrell. Appreciated for: “An important floral note, reminiscent of a potpourri of red flowers where the hints of violet and wisteria are the clearest. Followed by hints of small red and dark berries, but also hard cherry”. For the full review click here.

Artemisa ’17, from the Catalan winery El Jardí dels Sentits, 60% Syrah and 40% Macabeu is a natural wine suggested to be: “Perfectly balanced in its components, freshness and acidity give a sip with an almost infinite persistence, of fruit, where the a delicate and pleasant note of gooseberry.” For the full review click here.

Viñedos del Horizonte 2020, by Baco company, is 100% Tempranillo. Recommended for its “Fairly complex, intense and fine quality range of perfumes. It opens with hints of fresh red flowers, followed by aromas of small red and dark berries: currants, blueberries and strawberries.” For the full review click here.

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