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Santigaìni 2016 - Capichera
Written by Piero Pardini


Capichera is an Italian winemaking reality that rises in a corner of Sardinia, set among the granite rocks of Gallura, in Arzachena, in a unique and fascinating natural setting that is dripping with important and ancient traditions, in a place called Capichera.
A family-run company that, at the end of the 70s, determined an important enological transition not only in Sardinia following a great intuition: it was the first winery to enhance, with considerable success, the aging in wood of Vermentino, proposing a model based on a production of the highest quality and continuous research through a respectful and rigorous viticulture of the identity of the territory, allowing this vine to reveal its great peculiarities and characteristics.
The excellent 1979 vintage gave birth to the “Capichera”, the first reference that was then marketed in 1980.
The market understood it as a high-profile white wine, capable of comparing itself with the best whites on the international scene.
We therefore proceeded on the path of single-variety, planting exclusively Vermentino. Many authoritative critics of the sector still affirm that the history of Capichera is absolutely the history of quality Vermentino.
Passion, the investment of large resources and the improvement of the production model, soon defined new and high quality standards with a priority and demanding attention for each vineyard since each plot has its own peculiarities. This development process led to innovative and exclusive results.
So after 10 years, in 1990, the first vintage of the Vendemmia Tardiva was marketed, the current VT, the first pure Vermentino aged in barrique. It was a real innovation and to follow, with the continuous growth of the company, other important whites were produced, in 1994 Vign’angena and Santigaìni in 2003.
The birth of the DOCG Vermentino di Gallura and subsequently of the DOCG Vermentino di Gallura Vendemmia Tardiva, sanctioned Vermentino as an Italian vineyard heritage as well as one of the greatest international whites for which Capichera is still an icon in the world today.

Ownership: Fratelli Ragnedda
Oenological management: Fabrizio Ragnedda
Agronomic management: Gianpiero Romana
Vineyard hectares: 50
Bottles produced: 300,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes, by appointment
Foundation year: 1978

Labels reviewed
Assajé 2017

Capichera Azienda Vitivinicola
07021 Arzachena (Olbia-Tempio)
Phone +39 0709 80800 – 80612

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Piero Pardini

Founder and editor of "The Wolf Post", Italian based International digital wine platform.
Freelance Journalist.
Wine critic and Sommelier.
He has also written about sports and technology for some specialized magazines.
Co-author of the authorized biography "Gianni Clerici - The writer, the poet the journalist", Le Lettere, Firenze.

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