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Annalisa Zorzettig: my wines

Cunfins 2015 - Zorzettig
Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Zorzettig Vini, led by Annalisa Zorzettig, has been producing quality wines for over a hundred years.
In respect of Nature, of that authenticity and evolution that are Annalisa’s mantra, the company is today one of the leading wineries on the Italian wine scene.

© Zorzettig

The vineyards, located in Cividale del Friuli, cared for plant by plant, from planting to harvest, are the key to obtaining wines with personality, enhanced by the care and attention paid to the cellar.
Wines that tell the story of the territory and the history of a hundred-year-old cellar. Annalisa takes us to discover her flagship products, explaining their characteristics and peculiarities.

© Zorzettig

What terroir do Zorzettig wines tell?
Our wines tell about our life, our origins, our territory.
They tell of a “cradle” where, behind us, there are the mountains and in front of us, on the opposite side, the sea.
Thanks to this ideal geographical location, our wines tell who we are and our production philosophy through the peculiarities of each grape variety.
A common thread between the vine and man, which we hand down from generation to generation.

© Zorzettig

Is there a wine (or more wines), among those you produce, particularly appreciated by foreign consumers?
We have two production lines in the company, the classic one, which is the historic one, and Myò.
Our prerogative is to work daily in quality. For this reason, both lines are highly appreciated, but with Myò we wanted to further raise the quality level of our wines, and this has been recognized by consumers, by researching and selecting the best plants, with the best fruits and through As a team that starts in the fields and then moves to the cellar, we have managed to produce true excellence, enhancing each grape variety.

© Zorzettig

However, having to define two wines highly appreciated by foreign markets, I would first indicate Pinot Grigio, a vine highly appreciated in the world, as a declination and interpretation of the Colli Orientali del Friuli for its structure, depth and minerality. Furthermore, I would point out the Schioppettino, which has risen as a vine of the Friulian territory and tradition, but enhanced in a current style, perhaps modern is the most appropriate term. Thanks to an important fruit, a nice acidity, a soft tannin and a particular spiciness of freshly ground pepper, it is a red wine that meets the taste of our customers.

Sauvignon 2019 MYO' - Zorzettig

© Zorzettig Vini

How would you define Zorzettig wines?
The wines that tell of our work, our sacrifices and, consequently, also our satisfactions. My father used to take me to the vineyard, now I see my niece moving and running happily in the vineyards. This is the image of our wines, an expression of the respect we have for our land on a daily basis, because a good wine comes exclusively from good grapes. Adopting increasingly sustainable processing techniques that respect plants are the basis for the good things we will find inside a glass. Having to give adjectives I would say sincere, frank, clean and unanimous.



I would like to underline the choral adjective. Ours is a job where every chorister has to give their best, only one dissonant element can ruin everything. For this reason, we all feel part of one family.

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