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Crostoni with Sicilian pesto and an Italian wine

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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There are several versions of Sicilian pesto and all have tomatoes as a key ingredient. Of course, summer is the season when tomatoes are juicy and ripe at the right point to give the right flavour to any recipe. The dried fruit is another important key factor. Sicilian pistachios and hazelnuts are ideal for a 100% Sicilian pesto. Failing that, choose good dried fruit that will ensure a strong flavour and will provide consistency with pesto. Make the pesto a few minutes before serving.

The recommended pairing is Scorfano Rosso 2021 by Conte Guicciardini winery. We appreciated it for its large bouquet, where notes of fresh red flowers emerge associated with hints of red berry fruits reminiscent of blackberry, currant and durone cherry”. For the full review click here.

Scorfano Rosso - Conte Guicciardini

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Ingredients for two serves
  • 12 cherry or date tomatoes
  • 20 basil leaves
  • 100 g (31 /2 oz) ricotta cheese
  • 50 g (13 /4 oz) pistachios · 50 g (13 /4 oz) roasted hazelnuts
  • 100 g (31 /2 oz) Parmigiano cheese, grated
  •  sea salt and pepper
  • 150 ml (5 fl oz) Extra virgin olive oil2 crusty bread slices

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  1. Cut the tomatoes in half and remove the insides. Using a food processor, process the tomatoes, basil, pistachio, hazelnuts, Parmigiano, salt and pepper;
  2. Add the EVOO and process until creamy;
  3. Spread the pesto sauce over the slices of toast and serve immediately.

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