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Oleificio Sant’Anna

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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Sicily is a producer of excellent Extra virgin olive oils, the result of a generous land rich in various cultivars.

The olive-growing business of the island, mostly family-run, has an ancient and noble history, renowned internationally.

Oleificio Sant’Anna (Sant’Anna oil mill), located in the picturesque Marsala, a focal point in the history of the Mediterranean, is a consolidated reality over the years which, thanks to the new generations, sees expansion abroad as one of its most innovative points. Precisely, with this intent, in 2019, the company creates the “Maccubbo” brand, from the name of the Tower present in the company logo, with which it identifies two lines: one of balsamic vinegar and one of canned food with the typical flavors of Sicilian tradition.

Vito Giacalone is one of the youngest representatives of the family business. He presents the history of the company.

PH: Vito Giacalone- Oleificio Sant’Anna

When and how was Oleificio Sant’Anna born?

Oleificio Sant’Anna was born from an idea of a banker with a passion for agriculture, transmitted by his ancestors. Everything takes shape from the construction of the oil mill in a fraction (Sant’Anna, in fact) of the city of Marsala, in 1997, when, driven by the need to personally follow the transformation of the fruits of their olive groves, the members of our family they begin to understand the potential of that intuition, starting to meticulously take care of all the processes of extraction of Extra virgin olive oils.

PH: Oleificio Sant’Anna

What role did you enter the company and what is your medium and long-term goal?

My role within the company has been defined over time. From an early age, when we inaugurated the company, I was here, observing and learning, day after day. Perhaps this was my luck. Being almost always present during the processing phases of the raw material. I think this is the best way to become prepared and competent. Experience it firsthand, from harvesting to extracting the EVO oil. After completing my university studies, I chose to go home, despite all the difficulties of the case, because I firmly believe that the potential of all SMEs is to be able to offer unique and characteristic products that we will never find anywhere else. part. As for my duties, I mainly deal with the organization of manufacturing and sales processes, constantly assisting me with all the other members who make up our Company / Family. I call it that, because the harmony that underlies our relationships and our work makes it so. I have no real goals to achieve, nor do I set them. I am only aware that we must grow constantly, without setting limits.

PH: Oleificio Sant’Anna

In which area of ​​Sicily is your company located and what is the characteristic of this geographical area, such as to make the olives and extra virgin olive oil you produce special?

We are located in the extreme west of Sicily, in the province of Trapani.
For the production of our oils we rely on two main farms, that of Marsala and that of Mazara del Vallo (cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea) for a total of about 40 hectares of olive groves cultivated for three generations.
The pedoclimatic conditions and fertile lands have a more beneficial effect than ever on the plant, which never shows itself to be “suffering” during the year. The mild temperatures and the sirocco winds are of great help during flowering and fruit set, while the rains at the end of summer almost always allow an excellent development of the drupe. These are the essential characteristics that allow us to create, in my humble opinion, “quality”.

Which cultivar do you grow on the farm?

The cultivars present on the farm are the three main ones on the western side of Sicily: Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara del Belice. Peculiar for their intrinsic characteristics. Unique for the “taste experience” they transmit to the consumer.

PH: Oleificio Sant’Anna

Why is your extra virgin special?

Ours is a full-bodied and harmonious oil, which makes you squeeze your mouth first, but which then knows how to sweeten it. It is an oil that does not need a dish to be served. Just a simple slice of bread is enough. The Extra Virgin “Sant’Anna” is made to amaze, and leave you with a smile after the last bite.

PH: Oleificio Sant’Anna

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