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Honoro Vera Rioja 2019 – Rosario Vega

Honoro Vera Rioja 2019 - Rosario Vega
Written by Piero Pardini

Credits: © Piero PardiniThe Wolf Post – TUSCANY – ITALY

Wine: Honoro Vera Rioja
Alcoholic strength: 14,5% vol.
Vintage: 2019.
Classification: DO Rioja (Spain).
Grapes: 100% Tempranillo.
Serving temperature: 14°-16° C.

Tasting Notes
Limpid, intense ruby ​​red color with slight garnet textures, consistent.
On the olfactory examination it is floral, fruity, spicy and toasted. Floral notes reminiscent of a potpourri of red flowers, an important fruity note of blackberry, corn cherry, currant. Hints of vanilla and cinnamon with a milk chocolate bar closure.
The sip is fresh, not perfectly balanced in its parts, but still pleasant to drink. The finish is fruity with a delicate cocoa nuance. Overall the quality is fine.
Sample for the whole meal, to drink every day.

3 Lupetti

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Bodegas Rosario Vera
La Hoya Bidea, 1
01300 Guardia, Araba, Spain
Phone: +34 945 60 05 64

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