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Campo de Cariñena wine route

Written by Veronica Lavenia

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The Campo de Cariñena Wine Route was created with the aim of making known and supporting the tourist, cultural and gastronomic resources of the thirteen localities that are part of it: Aguarón, Aladrén, Alfamén, Almonacid de la Sierra, Cariñena, Cosuenda, Encinacorba, Longares, Mezalocha, Muel, Paniza, Tosos and Villanueva de Huerva.

The Municipality of Cariñena, the Region of Campo de Cariñena and the Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin of Cariñena are the three promoting partners of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism of the Campo de Cariñena Wine Route, Route of the Wine of Stones.

Campo de Cariñena is one of the most traditional wine areas in Spain, being one of the oldest Designations of Origin in the country. The Las Piedras Wine Route winds through an area rich in ancient vineyards that characterize a landscape with a great variety of smells and colors where stones are present in the land where the grapes are grown.
The secret of this area are its stones and the particularity of a unique grape variety in the world: Cariñena. A native variety like Garnacha.
Let’s find out more from the words of Carmen Gracia, President of the Campo de Cariñena wine Route.

©Ruta del Vino Campo de Cariñena

Since the Association was born, what goals has it achieved and what remains to be achieved?

The Campo de Cariñena Wine Route, also known as the Ruta del Vino de las Piedras (Wine Route of the Stones), obtained its official certification in 2014. Since then, the Route has created an important network of synergies to offer to tourists activities and services to visitors to the area. Our main goal is to continue working to create an attractive destination by improving and innovating the tourist offer.

©Ruta del Vino Campo de Cariñena

Through which services/activities do you promote the dissemination of the Route?

We are very active on social networks, we have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we also publish videos and commercials on our Youtube channel that are used in television campaigns or as support in tourism fairs. On our site we have an agenda with the activities of the Itinerary and associates. Every two months we publish an article with news and information in the regional newspaper. We carry out radio, press and external social network campaigns. The Wine Bus is our best known promotional and dissemination product with monthly departures from Zaragoza and visits to wineries, shops and restaurants.

Of course, we participate in tourism fairs as part of the Aragón Wine Tourism brand and have a place within the regional stand of Turismo de Aragón. We also organize tastings with presentations of the territory to visitors to the fairs.

©Ruta del Vino Campo de Cariñena

What are the peculiarities of the territory and its wines?

Campo de Cariñena is one of the most traditional wine areas in Spain, being one of the oldest Designations of Origin in the country.

The Campo Cariñena Wine Route winds through an area plagued since ancient times by vineyards that form a landscape with a great variety of smells and colors where stones are present in the land where grapes are grown. The result is more concentrated and intense grapes, and more aromatic than those grown in other lands. Here is the best kept secret of the Cariñena Protected Designation of Origin: its stones, its fields, its surroundings and the dedication of a territory that lives on and for the land. With unique features in the world, such as the denomination of a grape variety: Cariñena. A native variety as well as garnacha, which currently dazzles half the world.

©D.O. Cariñena

Why choose Cariñena Wine Route?

Our territory is wine, we are the largest vineyard in Aragon and even simply with the name of the Designation of Origin and the regional capital gives us a clue of the roots of this territory with the wine and its Cariñena grape. The proximity to Zaragoza and the good transport links to reach the route facilitate the arrival of visitors. We offer a wide selection of wineries, delicious gastronomy and a variety of landscapes from the Huerva River valley, passing through the great plain of vineyards leading to the Sierra de Algairén, a green oasis that offers visitors quiet and beauty.

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