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Domaine Les Capréoles

Written by Piero Pardini


The wine estate has a history spanning over 250 years while the Capreoles winery was created in July 2014. 5.5 hectares of vineyards planted as a garden around the buildings, located on a slope facing south, our vineyards surround the buildings of the estate. Granite is the original rocky substrate that characterizes the vineyard.
Depending on the level of granite alteration, the soils can be superficial with the presence of many superficial stones, or deeper with a very sandy surface appearance. Thanks to these real particularities, the land of the Company offers the possibility of various selections per plot. With vineyards planted for over 80 years and younger ones in full expansion, the Les Capreoles estate has significant potential to express the richness of its terroir.
Ploughing, pruning, defoliation, green harvesting and the use of clean products make it possible to obtain quality and ripe grapes.

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l’Amourgandise 2019

Domaine Les Capréoles
La Plaigne
69430 Régnie-Durette – FRANCE
Phone +33 (0) 474 655 783

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