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Já Te Disse

Written by Piero Pardini


Já Te Disse (Already Told You) is a young Portuguese company, born in 2015 and led by brothers Pedro and Rui Patrício.
The vineyards are located in the heart of the Alentejo, in Estremoz. A small vineyard, in the heart of a region with a high wine and olive growing vocation, where the Patricio family produces high quality wine.
Nothing in this ambitious project has been left to chance. Starting with the name. In fact, the cellar tells the story of a family through wine. A narration that refers to the memory of the grandfather of the founders of the cellar, passionate about the countryside and hunting, always accompanied on his excursions by his dogs, including a mestizo to which he was particularly attached.
When one day grandfather Ramiro showed up at home with a mixed-breed dog, he asked Pedro and Rui’s mother what she should call him. She replied: “Já te disse” (“I already told you”). This became the name of the beloved dog who gladdened the life of the family but also of friends. An unnamed name which, of course, led to misunderstandings when someone asked what the dog’s name was. “I already told you so” was the reply. “But you already said what? people replied.
From the name to the packaging, also in this case the attention to detail is the distinctive feature. The labels were designed by Siza Vieira, the greatest living Portuguese architect. Siza, an excellent storyteller, has transferred the story of his grandfather and his trusty dog, subjects in the labels of the various types of wine, into images. The past becomes present through memory transposed into an image.
Each bottle of wine is manually numbered and labeled, confirming the attention paid to the care of each individual package.
The wines, launched in 2021, have received recognition and awards both nationally and internationally, as well as in 2022 and 2023. The gold medal for red wine at the Brussels World Competition is one of the latest confirmations of the dedication with which Pedro and Rui carry on with their project.
Furthermore, the company’s wines have also been selected by some of the best starred Portuguese restaurants.

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Já Te Disse
BMCC Rural, Unip. Lda
Rua General José Celestino da Silva, 10
12º Dto 1500-309 Lisboa – PORTUGAL
Phone: +35 1 966 841 296

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