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Tussock Jumper

Written by Piero Pardini


Tussock Jumper is a premium wine brand born from the shared passion of wine specialists from eleven different countries.
The wines are bottled in the same place where the grapes are grown.
The company does not have cellars or vineyards, the specialists travel the world, selecting the wines with the best quality-price ratio. Each bottle bears the image of an animal originating from the origin of the wine. They are the Tussock Jumper ambassadors of each country.
The company cares about sustainability and carefully follows that all wines are produced in the best and most sustainable conditions.
Animals wearing red sweaters on wine labels aren’t just a marketing idea. The sweater is a seal of authenticity, a guarantee that everything has been done to offer you the best quality and best tasting wine.

Labels reviewed
Zinfandel 2018

One Park Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550 – U.S.A.
Phone: +1 (914) 664-3155
E-mail: Contact

About the author

Piero Pardini

Founder and editor of "The Wolf Post", Italian based International digital wine platform.
Freelance Journalist.
Wine critic and Sommelier.
He has also written about sports and technology for some specialized magazines.
Co-author of the authorized biography "Gianni Clerici - The writer, the poet the journalist", Le Lettere, Firenze.

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