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Barolo: two suggested wines

Written by Veronica Lavenia

The soils of the Barolo areas were formed during the Miocene, from 15 to 7 million years ago.
The history of Barolo, defined as “The King of red wines”, however, is due to the spouses Carlo Tancredi Falletti of Barolo and Juliette Colbert, both well-known people in the region during the Risorgimento. Although, at the time, the production of Barolo was already underway, that marriage marked the definitive transition towards the search for quality which allowed Barolo to become one of the best known and appreciated wines in the world. It was Juliette who had the wine tasted by the royal house of Savoy and, later, by the European courts. This, at least, is what the legend says which also says that it was thanks to this “noble” word of mouth that the wine soon became famous as the “Wine of Kings”.

Barolo La Serra 2019 - Voerzio Martini

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Barolo Serra 2019 from the Voerzio Martini winery is one of the proposals we suggested: “It opens with floral notes that recall a potpourri of moderately dried red flowers, accompanied by notes of small red berries such as raspberries and currants, intertwined with aromas of wild strawberries and dried plum. For the full review click here.

Barolo San Giovanni 2019 - Gianfranco Alessandria

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Barolo San Giovanni 2019 by Gianfranco Alessandria is recommended by us for: “The perfectly balanced sip, the silky and well-smoothed tannic texture with a persistent finish with an aftertaste of fruit and cocoa powder.” For the full review click here.

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