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Domaine des Tilleuls

Written by Piero Pardini


The history of the estate begins around 1905 when Auguste Godefroy inherited some vineyard plots on land called: “Les Corbetières” located in the municipality of La Regrippière near Vallet. Aware of the potential of this famous terroir, Godefroy soon learned the profession of winemaker. The tradition continued with his daughter who married a farmer. These included vineyard appreciations: it was the beginning of the establishment of the estate for a modest total area of 5 hectares. The family business continued when Gaby, the couple’s son, helped by his wife, purchased an old farm in a place called “Les Tilleuls” . The expansion of the vineyard requires the excavation of new underground vats and the construction of a new building to house a new press that will allow the production and aging of fine wines. Furthermore, Gaby rapidly developed the trade and sale of bottled wines: a bold bet for the time. Subsequently, a cellar was built entirely in stone, including a barrel cellar and some underground vats all covered with glass tiles. In 1989, his son Daniel decided to dedicate himself exclusively to the cultivation of vines. He initiated important works, both in the cellar and in the vineyards, restoring the property and developing the company’s winemaking activity. Evelyne, his wife, supports him in the adventure, taking the development of the company to heart. It was therefore the period of numerous plantations, in particular the introduction of new vines such as Chardonnay and Cabernet-Franc; but also the expansion of the company thanks to the construction of a new storage cellar allowing it to benefit from a greater production and conservation capacity of wines.
Today, the estate welcomes the new generation, Jérôme and Noémie, brother and sister, both passionate about wine and directly involved in the production and creation of new vintages. Their common desire is to give the Domaine des Tilleuls international fame and thus perpetuate the family history of the estate.

Labels reviewed
Essentielle 2022
Sauvignon Blanc Sélection 2021

Domaine des Tilleuls
Les Tilleuls, 18 rue du vignoble
44330 La Regrippière – FRANCE
Phone +33 02 40 33 60 04

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