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Barrile 2015 – Contini 1898

Barrile 2015 - Contini 1898 - © Ph. Piero Pardini - The Wolf Post
Written by Piero Pardini

Credits: © Piero Pardini – The Wolf Post

First Salvatore, then Attilio, today Paolo and his nephews Alessandro and Mauro: the Contini winery has grown and matured like the wines and successes that have made it great, through the passion and commitment of four generations. For almost 120 years a single common thread, represented by Vernaccia di Oristano, has characterized the work of the Contini company. Then, over the years, Vernaccia has been joined by other important productions: the historic Nieddera vine, the traditional Vermentino and Cannonau, successful experiments such as Karmis, Attilio and organic Mamaioa. Today, the company produces a full range of wines with which it is present in Italy and abroad. It does not stop evolving, both in winemaking techniques and in ideas. And it will be for this reason that Contini wines resist over time, because they are wines that are loved and remembered forever.

Ownership: Contini family
Oenological management: Piero Cella
Agronomic management: Gianfranco Siddu
Viticulture: conventional and certified organic
Vineyard hectares: 120
Bottles produced: 1,200,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 1898

Wine: Barrile
Alcoholic strength: 15% vol.
Varietal composition: Nieddera, Caddiu and other local indigenous grape varieties.
Classification: I.G.T. Rosso Isola dei Nuraghi.
Vintage: 2015.
Production area: Tirso river valley, Sinis peninsula.
Altitude a few meters above sea level.
Breeding: sapling.
Soil type: good limestone structure associated with clayey and pebbly fractions.
Yield per hectare: 65 quintals
Vinification: maceration with the skins for 8-10 days and fermentation at a controlled temperature, soft pressing of the marc.
Aging: 18 months in first and second passage barriques and tonneaux and at least 12 months in bottle.
Serving temperature: 15° – 16° C.

Barrile 2015 - Contini 1898

© Contini 1898

Visual exam
Clarity: limpid
Color: ruby red
Consistency: consistent
Observations: with garnet reflections.

Olfactory examination
Intensity: intense
Complexity: moderately complex
Quality: fine
Description: floral, fruity and spicy
Remarks: floral hints of flora and iris passages, followed by fruity notes reminiscent of durone cherry, blackberry and lightly macerated plum, closing delicate spicy notes of black pepper in grains and cloves.

Taste – olfactory examination
Sugar: dry
Alcohols: warm
Polyalcohols: smooth
Acids: fresh
Tannins: tannic
Minerality: salty
Structure: full-bodied
Balance: moderately balanced
Intensity: intense
Length: long
Quality: good

Final remarks
State of Evolution: mature
Harmony: moderately harmonious

Food matching: stewed wild boar.

Azienda Vinicola Contini s.p.a
Via Genova, 48/50
09072 Cabras (OR)
Phone +39 0783 290806


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