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Don Angelo 2020 – Baroni Capoano

Don Angelo 2020 - Baroni Capoano
Written by Piero Pardini

Credits: Baroni Capoano

Baroni Capoano is a prestigious company in the province of Crotone, located in Cirò Marina, known for the production of Cirò DOC.
Cirò represents the most important winemaking reality in the Calabria region. Here, the vine has been cultivated since the times of the ancient Greek colonies. The main vines of the Cirò DOC are Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco. The territory is typical of the Calabrian Ionian coast: narrow strips of flat land that end on the beaches of the coast. Close to these plains, the hilly terrain is crossed by rivers. It is precisely on these hills that the vineyards are cultivated, using the sapling as method of cultivation.
Among secular olive groves and native vineyards for a total of about twenty-four hectares, Baroni Capoano produces D.O.C. and quality oils.
The cellar occupies 1000 square meters, the storage and aging of the finest wines take place in the basement of the family building between 250cm thick stone walls which, for this purpose, guarantee a constant and optimal temperature.
A typical feature of the company’s vineyards is the age of the vines, low to “sapling” which, together with the hilly terrain, guarantee a low yield per hectare of grape production (about 2 kg per vine) but, at the same time, a very high quality of the musts produced, essential for the production of high prestige wines.

Owner: Massimiliano Capoano
Oenological management: Fabio Mecca
Agronomic management: Spataro Domenico
Viticulture: biology and conventional
Vineyard hectares: 24
Bottles produced: 200,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 2005

Wine: Don Angelo
Variety composition: 90% Gaglioppo 10% Syrah.
Alcoholic strength: 13.5% vol..
Vintage: 2020.
Production techniques: it is obtained by vinifying the free-run must from the first pressing of the grapes, which gives it a dazzling rosé hue, vinification in thermo-conditioned steel, aging in steel, with a short stay in the bottle before being marketed.
Serving temperature: 8 ° – 10 ° C.

Don Angelo 2020 - Baroni Capoano

© Baroni Capoano

Vibrant cherry pink color sample, crystalline, of medium consistency.
The olfactory examination gives pleasant floral notes of orange blossom, followed by hints of red berries: strawberries, currant and raspberry with hints of jelly. Closing with brackish nuances.
In the mouth what is shown on the nose is confirmed. The sip is fresh and very pleasant. The balance between the hard and soft parts is almost harmonious. It is recommended for a salmon carpaccio marinated with citrus fruits.

4 Lupetti

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Baroni Capoano
Contrada Ceramidio
88811 Cirò Marina (KR)
Phone +39 0962 35801

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