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Conti Zecca

Written by Piero Pardini


The Conti Zecca Agricultural Company is one of the most important wineries in Salento and Puglia.

It was 1580 when the Neapolitan Zecca family moved to Puglia, in Leverano, in the heart of Salento, and started an intense agricultural activity on their farms.

Over the centuries, the production tradition evolved further, as evidenced by the decision of Pope Leo XIII who, in 1884, conferred the title of count on the Zecca family, in recognition of the excellent results achieved.

In 1935, Count Alcibiade Zecca, grandfather of the current owners, decided to make wine on his own from the grapes from his estates: thus the Leverano winery was born.

Today, the Alcibiades heirs, Francesco, Luciano, Mario and the latter’s son, Clemente, devote themselves with passion and dedication to running the family business and their estates, following the entire production cycle: from the selection of the vines, the choice of agronomic techniques, up to the bottling and marketing of the finished product.

The company protocol is based on the best precision farming techniques, in order to make environmental, social and economic sustainability coincide, carrying out fewer operations in the vineyard and allowing the simplification of work.

Within the estates some Crus have been identified, i.e. delimited areas in which, due to particular and favorable soil and climatic conditions, the vineyards are suitable for producing wines with marked characteristics that best express the intrinsic typicality of the vines: the wines are born from here. Icon and the Wines of the Territory.

Ownership: Zecca family
Oenological management: Antonio Romano; co-winemaker Giorgio Marone
Agronomic management: Ruggero Mazzilli
Viticulture: SQNPI certified sustainable agriculture
Vineyard hectares: 320
Bottles produced: 2,800,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 1935

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Agapò 2019
Luna 2019
Nero 2017

Az. Agr. Conti Zecca
Via Cesarea
73045 Leverano (LE) – ITALY
Phone +39 0832 925613

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